PEORIA (HOI) — Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis says the city will be involved in taxing sales of recreational marijuana, the remainder of the process is in the hands of the state.

Ardis says he expects an orderly process, with one or two of the expected sellers being companies already involved in medical marijuana sales. When asked if legalization was good for the river city, he called the question too broad. While the Mayor said he looks forward to additional tax revenue, he said legalization may also have some negative consequences for the public.

According to Ardis, those consequences could include, “Addiction issues, people that don’t just use it socially, impacts that it could have on their personal lives, on their jobs and so on.”

Now that Peoria has legalized the sale of cannabis, they join East Peoria and Canton. Those who have voted no include El Paso and Morton. Still on the fence and exploring the topic include Bloomington, Normal, and Metamora.


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