Are you curious as to how the cannabis industry managed to get so popular in such a short space of time? Do you want to know which available products are the most popular among consumers?

Cannabis has been used for centuries and it is still a popular choice today. It can be smoked, eaten, and even consumed in other ways as well as have incredible medical benefits such as helping with anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, and more.

The cannabis market is booming right now and there are plenty of new companies emerging to offer up products that will help make the cannabis market even more successful. This article will go over some of the most popular products that are bringing incredible success to the cannabis industry.


Dry herb vaporizers, such as the ones available at, are arguably the most popular choice for marijuana consumers these days and there is no surprise why. As of recently, people have been a lot more health-conscious and are concerned about the well-being of their lungs. Vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking as it reduces your risk of inhaling harmful and damaging carcinogens.

For those who prefer to use actual weed when they vape, you can get dry herb vaporizers that heat the compounds within the dry herb itself through the use of heated plates.

For those who want a bit of a higher dosage, some vapes make use of marijuana concentrates. These come in the form of oils, waxes, or juices. These kinds of vapes are more common to come by but can end up being a bit more expensive because of how pricey marijuana concentrates are.

Cannabis-infused edibles (cookies, brownies)

Edibles are nothing new to the cannabis market, in fact, they are one of the older additions to those who consume marijuana. However, over the years, the concept of edibles has changed drastically and you might not even know everything that is out there now.

Edibles are commonly thought of as cookies or brownies. When someone offers you an edible, this is likely what you will think of, but this isn’t the case anymore. These days, there are so many different edibles to choose from. You will always be able to find your standard cookies and brownies, along with some other baked goods, but now there are other options.

When looking for edibles you will find anything from gummies, candies, drinks, and even meals prepared with cannabis oil or butter. The options are practically endless and you will never have a shortage of new things to try.

CBD Pre-Rolls

Next up, we have CBD-Pre rolls. Never in a million years would I have thought that you would be able to smoke a joint without getting high, but the time is here. These days you can now find marijuana that is made from a flower that is predominantly rich in CBD. This means that there is little of the psychoactive compound, THC, in the plant, and it is more used for medicinal purposes.

What’s even better than this is that you can get this product pre-rolled into joints. This takes out a lot of the work for you and you don’t have to fuss with any messy grinders or rolling tray. All you need to do is light up and enjoy.

Topicals (lotions, bath bombs)

Moving on to the next product on our list, we have cannabis-based topicals. These have become increasingly popular over the last few years and more and more people discover the benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes. For those who are suffering aches and pains, as well as inflammation, there is an abundance of ointments and gels out there that can be applied directly to the affected area.

Marijuana has also started making its way into the world of skincare and self-care. Many people suffering from acne will find marijuana-infused skincare can be very beneficial in helping reduce redness and painful spots. You can also find some products such as bath bombs and lotions which are marketed as products to help you calm down and soothe your body.



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