The cost of fishing, hunting and running a cannabis store is going up.

On Friday, the Saskatchewan government announced a series of increases and decreases to fees and fines in the runup to next week’s provincial budget.

The net effect of the changes is expected to generate about $2.7 million in additional revenue in the coming fiscal year, which begins April 1.

Pot store fees are among the changes.

Retailers setting up a store in a city currently pay the province a $2,000 application fee, plus an annual $3,000 permit fee. Those fees will soon rise by 10 per cent.

The province says the higher cannabis fees are meant to better reflect the administrative costs associated with reviewing and approving applications and permits, with an annual revenue increase of $112,000 expected. 

Street racing fines going up

The province is boosting fines for drivers holding street races. Right now, the fine for a first offence is $150.

Starting October 1 that goes up to $580.

Fines for “stunting” — a driving offence that covers things such as doing doughnuts in a parking lot — are also going up to $580. Currently, that fine is $150.

The government has posted a full list of the fees and fines that are being increased or reduced.


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