Are your cannabis leaves turning yellow? This could cause you to panic, but before you do, know that marijuana plants may get yellowing leaves for various reasons. Therefore, it’s essential that you stay calm and try to figure out first what’s causing the yellowing. In this post, we’ll talk about the reasons for yellow leaves on your cannabis plants and how to solve them.

  1. Too High or Too Low Root pH Levels

The most common reason your cannabis leaves are turning yellow is because of the unbalanced pH levels, which could be too high or too low. This can be a problem regardless of where and how you’re growing your cannabis. When the pH levels are imbalanced, the cannabis plant will have a difficult time absorbing nutrients, in turn, leading in nutrient deficiencies.

The fix: Solve the problem by using a kit of pH pen to test the pH of the water before you give it to your cannabis plants. Adjust accordingly by adding an acid or base to the water.

  1. Incorrect Watering Methods

Compared to under watering, overwatering is far easier to do with cannabis plants (and basically, any plant!). When the plant is a victim of incorrect watering, its leaves could turn yellow. Some symptoms of wrong watering methods are droopiness, leaves that seem fat and swollen with water or leaves that look papery and thin.

The fix: To water your cannabis plants correctly, it starts with good soil or coco air. Moreover, the plant should be in the right container size. Watch out for drooping leaves; when this happens, you’re overwatering. On the other hand, if drooping plants perk up after watering, it’s likely you’re under-watering. You need to practice the art of plant watering, which will take some time.

  1. Heat Stress and Light Burn

Cannabis plants can only handle a certain amount of brightness and heat. When indoors and using grow light, the light must be close enough to provide the plant with enough illumination. When the light is too close, it could be excessive for the plant, which will cause its leaves to turn yellow due to the heat.

On the other hand, light burn, which also causes yellowing leaves occurs with the use of HID lights as they produce a lot of heat.

The fix: When you see the leaves turning yellow, adjust the lamp and ensure it’s not too close to the canopy. Before you move the bulbs closer to the plants, wait for it to recover. For heat stress, you can avoid this by maintaining ideal temperature levels and investing in LED and LEC lamps.

Grow Cannabis Right

Growing cannabis plants on your own will take some time, and it’s crucial you know enough about it before you buy seeds. Or, if you already have cannabis seeds, make sure to learn the proper ways to grow the plant. Yellowing leaves is a common problem for cannabis growers, but don’t let this problem discourage you.

Listed in this post are the three common reasons your leaves are turning yellow and how you can fix them. Remember, you need to give your plant time to recover before you focus on its growth again.

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