Many people think that autoflowering strains are due to fancy genetic modification. But the truth is, they are a product of years of careful breeding, which is a cross between regular Indica and Sativa strains with ruderalis lineages. The latter, ruderalis, is cannabis found in colder areas in the world, like China or Northern Russia.

With careful breeding, cultivators can successfully mix autoflowering properties of the ruderalis to Sativa and indica strains, allowing you to maintain the strength and yields of your favourite strains. Seeing as many experienced cultivators are doing this, you’re probably wondering if this is something you should do too.

If you have marijuana seeds on hand and you’re unsure if you should take the autoflowering route, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share with you the advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds.

1. You’ll Get to Harvest All Year

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using autoflowering cannabis is that you don’t have to rely on light cycles for their flowering. Because of this, you can grow them throughout the whole year in lower latitudes and make multiple harvests per summer in higher latitudes.

Sativa and Indica grow with light cycles, and they need more time to mature and ripen. But autoflowering strains are not affected by light, which means you can grow them at any time of the year depending on your latitude.

2. It Can Produce Yields Much Faster

You can harvest all year because your autoflowering seeds will be able to produce yields much quicker. This means that you can harvest from as little as eight weeks. Sativa and Indica need more time to mature and ripen, taking months. That’s why autoflowering marijuana seeds can help you get much earlier results.

3. They Look More Discreet

Since autoflowering strains don’t grow above 1 to 1.2m in height, they are perfect for stealth and discretion, allowing you to manage your grow room much easier. They are also ideal for small spaces where it’s hard to find a growing room.

4. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are Suited for Both Indoor and Outdoor Growth

Because they combine age-based flowering and resilience, autoflowering strains can grow indoors and outdoors. Indoor growers can benefit from growing them in a small space where it’s hard to find growing room.

On the other hand, outdoor growers will also benefit from autoflowers because of the reduced risk of detection. This is due to the fact of their smaller size and discreet growing patterns.

5. Their Strains Continue to Get Better

It’s safe to say that autoflowering cannabis seed strains have come a long way, and breeders have made impressive progress in creating new strains. What used to be a relatively simple idea has now become a real game-changer in the world of cannabis cultivation. It’s no wonder that farmers and cultivators are excited to experiment with autoflowers in their gardens.

The Bottom Line: It’s Worth Considering Planting and Cultivating Autoflowering Cannabis

These are only a few of the plethora of advantages of cultivating autoflowering marijuana seeds. Besides harvesting all year round, you’ll also get impressive yields and have no worries about your grow room since they’re easy to manage.

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