Organizers of one of the two measures that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state is still trying to collect enough signatures to make it on the November ballot.

The North Dakota Freedom of Cannabis Act has about 17,000 signatures so far.

The initiated measure needs another 10,000 or so before July 6th.

Friday, the group behind the measure, the North Dakota Cannabis Caucus, took to Main Avenue in Bismarck in hopes of rallying more support.

Measure Chair Jody Vetter says the coronavirus really threw a wrench in their effort.

“It really did put a damper on our signature collecting, so we’re still hopeful to get it on the ballot because we do need to get this on the ballot in 2020,” she added.

If about 27,000 signatures are not collected by the deadline, the group will have to try again for 2022.

The second recreational cannabis measure comes from Legalize ND. That petition is still circulating as well.


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