Asked to weigh in on the parameters for allowing storefront cannabis within city limits, the Redwood City Council expressed interest in the development of up to six marijuana retailers. 

During the virtual meeting Monday, the city was recommended to adopt a 4% tax rate for the retail cannabis industry which would bring in a projected $1.3 million in annual revenue if six locations were developed. 

Retailers would be subject to a $10,000 renewal fee for cannabis drug education for children and youth, along with additional requirements including background checks, security, monitoring, surveillance and reporting. The storefronts would also be required to operate at least 600 feet away from public and private K-12 schools, commercial day cares and youth facilities. 

Once a storefront is built, the location would not be subject to the 600-foot requirement if a new child-centered establishment chose to develop in the area. Sizes of shops will vary depending on zoning with some potentially building greater than 30,000 square feet if retailers choose to develop in industrially zoned districts. 

“Thirty-thousand is so big and I don’t think that’s what we’re thinking about when we think about this experience and I think what our residents as consumers are looking for in this experience. Even when I hear of big box cannabis retailers, that sounds bizarre. I mean how many products could there be,” said Councilwoman Giselle Hale when voicing concern for the size of the shops. 

Those interested in opening a shop may also be required to have a lease in hand before going through the city’s development process, limiting the applicant pool.


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