LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Representatives from the medical marijuana cultivator River Calley Relief are accusing medical marijuana Commissioner Travis Story of having bias and limiting the cultivation market.

They claim that in the last commission meeting Story changed a motion that was originally going to hand out the three remaining cultivation licenses is to only hand out one of the remaining three licenses. A former lobbyist for River Valley relief Bradley Phillips says, “We didn’t get a license because someone who is obviously connected to an existing cultivator shut down the motion to give licenses.”

Phillips says the group filed an affidavit of bias against story but it was never brought up in the commission meeting. He referenced the Arkansas racing commission addressing a similar affidavit in their most recent meeting saying, “That agency gets to completely ignore it so we don’t understand why you have a racing commission and marijuana commission where one rule up last one and not the other.”

They say that by limiting the number of cultivation licenses is that are out there, then they would have a bigger share of the economic windfall. Former ABC commissioner Charles Singleton says the story was protecting his client’s financial interests saying, “We believe that commissioner story was trying to protect the interest of his clients and trying to run the clock out on us.”

Mr. Story said he had not heard any of the testimony today and said he would review what was said in today’s hearing before making any comments on the accusations.


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