SAN FRANCISCO–()–The High Guide, every woman’s cannabis handbook, announced a new audio series from its podcast How to Do the Pot with the upcoming launch of ‘Saturday Strains’. The weekly series will bring the special back to Saturdays by sharing the twelve essential cannabis strains that every woman should have in her stash. Created after cannabis was declared an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Saturday Strains’ will offer clear guidance to demystify the hundreds of cannabis strains currently available in legal dispensaries. The dozen essential strains are a guide and for most women, two or three strains will get her started and be the inspiration to find her favorites.

Today more than ever, women are burned out, stressed and anxious. ‘Saturday Strains’ will help women discover the right cannabis to relax, laugh, and take a moment to improve her well-being. To take the worry out of weed, in each episode, host April Pride will answer five questions about each chosen strain: what does it help with, how high will I get, how will it make me feel, what will it inspire, and why do women love it. The series begins with three ‘Saturday Strains Explained’ episodes that provide a bite-sized education on the complexities of cannabis, including what is a strain, why weed differs state to state and why your body connects with a particular strain, to help women learn what makes each strain work best for her. Beginning September 26 and every weekend this fall, ‘Saturday Strains’ episodes – each about five minutes – will be available on How to Do the Pot wherever you listen to podcasts.

“Like many of our listeners, we are working mothers dealing with home-schooling, pandemic safety concerns and the effects of climate change on the West Coast,” said April Pride, host of How to Do the Pot and co-founder of The High Guide. “‘Saturday Strains’ is here to bring a bit of lightness to these heavy times.”

“For the seventy-six million women living in states with legal cannabis, weed doesn’t come in a plastic baggie anymore,” said The High Guide co-founder Ellen Scanlon. “With ‘Saturday Strains’ we’ve chosen the twelve essential cannabis strains for women, to take the stress out of what to buy and how to consume.”

In 2019, April Pride and Ellen Scanlon founded The High Guide, every woman’s cannabis handbook, and launched its audio-first education platform led by the popular How to Do the Pot podcast. How to Do the Pot is hosted by April Pride, who successfully launched and sold her female-focused cannabis brand Van der Pop to Canopy Growth Corp., the world’s largest cannabis company, in 2018. The podcast addresses topics unique to women’s well-being and answers some of the most common, “secretly Googled” questions that women have about cannabis. Episodes follow the stories of modern women who consume cannabis, and share expert medical opinions to explain why and how cannabis can positively impact topics including stress, sleep, migraines, CBD, period pain, endometriosis and pregnancy.

About The High Guide:

The High Guide is a cannabis education platform for women founded by April Pride and Ellen Scanlon in 2019. Its mission is to equip women with the information they need to understand the legal cannabis market and the plant’s potential. The High Guide helps every woman to feel confident in her choices around cannabis.


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