This week we look at my 4k grow room. I spend some time breaking down what I’ve learned after 6 years of growing cannabis. I show you lighting, electrical, ventilation, gear and equipment you will need to make you a better grower including reservoirs, air scrubbers, carbon filters, co2 tanks, hoods, bulbs and more…a longer episode this week, roll a fatty and enjoy.

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gnat control:
A 3″ layer of gnat nix on top of the Coco, and some mosquito bits sprinkled into the gnat nix and the catch trays near the drain holes.

Pure Coco Coir #10 pots.

@ 1000 w

Room temps 70-72 degrees F. (dropped temps. for flush)
Humidity 45- 58%
water temp. at feeding 69 degrees F
12 / 12 light cycle.

Camera :
Tri-pod swivel:
Boosted Board:

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