FINDLEY LAKE — Findley Lake has long been known as “The coolest little town around,” but things are really heating up for its future.

All one needs to do is have a talk with Rebecca Brumagin, Mina town supervisor, or a member of the town board, or spend some time on the town website ( to know that many projects are in the works.

The possibility of the formation of a sewer district has been an issue for several years and has come to the forefront again this year. Members of the Mina Town Board had a project kick-off meeting with two representatives from the engineering firm Barton & Loguidice on Jan. 19. The engineering firm was selected following the receipt of a $30,000 engineering planning grant from the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. That grant, along with a $6,000 contribution from the town enabled Mina to move forward with a study and to receive a preliminary report.

In June, Barton & Loguidice issued an extensive Preliminary Engineering Report, which can be viewed on the town website. The conclusion of the report states, “To protect the water quality of Findley Lake, it is essential for a public sanitary sewer system to be constructed along the densely developed lakeshore.”

After evaluating several alternatives, it was determined to be in the best interest of the community to construct a hybrid collection system (gravity and low pressure sewers) with a sequencing batch reactor waste water treatment plant. The estimated probable project cost for constructing a complete sanitary sewer system is $24,953,000, which will be distributed over the user base of the proposed sanitary sewer service area.”

According to Brumagin, a public information meeting was held recently at the Mina-Findley Lake Community Center. District boundaries, the project cost, anticipated grant funding and user cost will be discussed. Also, the cost to connect and putting the potential project to a vote will be part of the presentation.

Another matter that the board is working on is a town solar law. Following a meeting with the DEC, they have extended the moratorium on commercial solar energy facilities and residential solar energy installations, Brumagin said. It is likely a public hearing will be scheduled in September or October regarding the solar law.

The town has completed a community survey that is designed to help the town Planning Board develop an updated Comprehensive Plan. The survey, which was extended until Aug. 31, addressed such issues as the demographics of the area, questions about economic strategy, land use, commercial and industrial development, and aspects of the town which make it a desirable place to live.

According to Brumagin, the Planning Board will meet in September to start compiling the data. The town has hired Don McCord as a consultant to help with this, she said. He is retired from the county Planning Department, where he served as director.

A hot topic with each municipality in New York has been whether to allow retail cannabis dispensaries and on site consumption or opt out of allowing these activities. Most towns, Brumagin said, made the decision to fully opt in or opt out.

However, the Mina Town Board made a rather unique decision, Brumagin said. They chose to allow the possibility of an adult-use retail dispensary, but not permit on-site consumption, she said.

Brumagin added, that there are several things about New York state cannabis laws that are not yet clear. While cannabis possession and consumption was legalized throughout New York, there are several unanswered questions.

Brumagin did note that the town is not considering building a dispensary, just allowing for the possibility of one.

“All this does is allow private individuals to apply,” she said.

Another project that is being discussed is moving the Findley Lake Fire Department from Main Street to a safer location, Brumagin said.

“We got a grant to do a study about this from Chautauqua County,” she said. “We would like to build a new highway building down the road. “

Town officials were pleased to receive the news that Mina has been awarded a Bridge New York Grant of $998,050 to replace the culvert on Bailey Hill Road. Bids for the project will open in September 2023 and the project should be completed in 2024.

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