In a small town like Lathrop, you may not expect to find a shop with glass pipes lining the walls or products to help you grow marijuana at home.

But a new store in this Northwest Missouri town is catering to the needs of area medical marijuana users. The Bud Room offers a wide range of services to help people obtain a medical marijuana license, grow their own marijuana once they obtain certification or pick up items needed for smoking. Although the store has been operating for awhile, this week is its grand opening celebration.

“The reason why we are here is for the patients, to provide affordable certifications to get their paperwork without the hassle,” said Brandi Hopkins, co-founder of The Bud Room. 

The Bud Room isn’t a dispensary, meaning it does not provide marijuana to customers, but staff do teach those with the proper licensing how to grow their own at home according to the state’s laws. 

Aside from the plethora of services they aim to provide, the main goal and mission of the business is to get information to qualifying customers. They want to help people understand the medical marijuana laws in Missouri and discuss options. 

“We are relieving that stress and that anxiety and giving you that peace of mind that we are going to help you through every step,” Hopkins said.

Along with helping customers to obtain their licenses, the owners of The Bud Room said they want aid in decriminalizing marijuana usage. 

“We want to help cultivate that and break the stigma that it is something that bad. Instead let’s give it to what it really is, something that is really helpful on multi levels,” Shawn Walsh, co-founder of The Bud Room, said. 

Hopkins said many see marijuana as an alternative to using prescription medications that may lead to side effects.  

“You can name things you would use prescription medications for and chances are you can use marijuana for the same things,” Hopkins said.

One medical marijuana user and customer of the store, Tanya Roth, said cannabis helps to relax her muscles while the pain benefits of THC help with her arthritis and joint pain. 

The Bud Room is open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


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