Should you Invest in Marijuana Stocks!? 🌿🔥

Should you invest in Cannabis/Marijuana Stocks? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Cannabis Stocks are going crazy at the moment. This is my opinion on this.

If you look at what cannabis has done lately; it has come from nowhere; there has been some changes in legislation. Some countries have legalised it or legalised it for certain uses like medicinal uses or decriminalised it.

Investors are speculating that this is the start of a shift in governments approach to cannabis – we know that people are using it already and there could be potential medical uses for it.
Companies are starting out and they are all fighting to be Number

A lot of companies are growing massively or trying to exploit different sides of it. Should you invest in it? The question you should ask is: will this company be more valuable X years from now? That is ultimately what you are looking for as an investor. Trading is completely different.

If you have to invest at a very high valuation be prepared for a big haircut and be prepared for pain before potential profit.
Cannabis is not fully legal in the USA yet people are already piling up in big which is very risky.

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