AZ Cannabis Doctor

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed an executive order to expand the use of telemedicine during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that will allow doctors to provide medical services via telephone and video calls. However, the executive order doesn’t specifically allow medical marijuana doctors to provide certifications in this manner, so a local certification center has taken the matter into their own hands.

A petition has been created to “request that the wording of the executive order 2020-15 be amended to allow medical marijuana certification appointments be done via telemedicine during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries have been deemed essential during the pandemic, which allows them to remain open. Now, Arizona medical marijuana doctors are hoping to get similar treatment via an amendment to the executive order.

Doctors and patients will both benefit from the implementation of telemedicine because it will reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Sign the e-petition to support the state’s medical marijuana doctors and patients.


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