SLANG Worldwide, Emerald Health, & Deepak Anand – Midas Letter RAW 158

-Normal: working on policy; working on amnesty
Deepak Anand, Cannabis Business Expert

Did You Know? Spiders and intoxicants

-CHronos (NASDAQ:CRON) chart: candle was well through Bollinger, correction; big move without any real catalysts
-cannabis market is either a lot of red or green; not a lot of sideways action
-always want to hear a company patent things (not all with pan out though)
-Emerald Health $500M market cap
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed

-17 patents in process; see CBD big part of the future; THC also has therapeutic use; pushing ahead on both fronts for now
-biomass supply puts Emerald up with major players in the Canadian space
-huge opportunity to get CBD products (and others); developing patents
-expanding internationally? looking overseas; Andena extraction tech JV in Italy; Factors Group extraction, soft gel deal
-anticipate having to go to market again in the next few months
-raised $10.8M in December; spending quickly because of capital projects (Quebec facility expansion, and in Vancouver) and JB with Emerald Health Naturals
-Q4 report out at the end of April
-medical, dried flower, oil right now
-data showing shift toward extracted products
-vast majority will go to the recreational market as dried flower
-great partnership, they had expertise in growing; over last 18 months building out 1.1M square foot greenhouse, first crops out of that location last summer in Delta; expect to have entire facility in cultivation in first half of 2019
-JV with Village Farms international (they’ve doubled in the last two sessions)
-developing health and wellness products
Emerald Health Therapeutics (CVE:EMH) CFO Rob Hill

-S&P chart: drifting outside channel
-SLANG Worldwide: Canopy backing
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed

-2019 catalysts: more growth, products on more shelves,
-CBD products
-ton of competition at the ground (brand) level;
-self distribute (no one has the scale that we have)
-dominant portfolio of brands across all categories in about 2600 stores; original MSO (before it was an acronym)
-Branded Bud,
-getting SLANG brands into Canopy stores in the fall
-Canopy partnership (post Metrum transaction); Canopy saw an opportunity to get involved in brands (limit on what they can do because of the US)
-goal getting their brands on shelves
-capital light: extraction through retail distribution
-don’t do any cultivation, (capital intensive) retail (don’t want to compete with customers -retailers)
-went public in January
-backed by Canopy Growth
-cannabis CPG company; focused on creating regional brands
SLANG Worldwide (CNSX:SLNG) CEO Peter Miller

-as the drug coverage becomes more apparent, companies with deals with Shoppers will be big value
-WeedMD available on Shoppers; not moving as a catalyst though; some of the value already built in
-Canopy Growth (TSE:WEED) recent move without a big catalyst
-ML CSE index: slightly up today
-ML Venture index: Khiron (CVE:KHRN) still holding up well
-MSOs (last week lost 3-5%), HMMJ/CAN MJ stocks (lost double that last week)
-concern over earnings this week
-ML small cap index: all down; about 3%
-ML large cap index: Tier 1s have had a bad day
-zombifiction of the market (can’t raise interest rates) where the US economy is going
-Japanese economic issues (now and historically)
-US economy debt
-interest rates
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed

-earnings reporting
-WeedMD (CVE:WMD) completes first shipment to SHoppers Drug Mart
-VIVO Cannabis (CVE:VIVO) subsidiary receives Health Canada license
-TerAScend Corp (CNSX:TER) purchase agreement (Apothecarium)
-Green Growth Brands (CNSX:GGB) entered into agreement with Simon (NYSE:SPG) for retail locations
-Flowr One (CNSX:FONE) enters into financing agreement
-Aurora Cannabis (TSE:ACB) completes first delivery of cannabis oil to UK
Midas Letter NEws

-David Rosenberg: tightening cycle
-IMF: where’s growth coming from
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed

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