He’s a human cultural melting pot but Socrates Rosenfeld’s expertise is in marijuana – the medical use of cannabis – especially to help veterans, something else he knows about after serving as an Army officer.

In an interview with Green Entrepreneur, Rosenfeld – his father is Greek-Cypriot, his adopted stepfather Jewish-American, and his mother grew up in Indonesia, of Egyptian and Sumatran roots – announced two new e-commerce modules for his Jane Technologies, a retail software company that helped create online cannabis sales.

“The founding team and I had a clear goal to provide safe and smart access to a healing plant and to build a platform that would benefit the consumer, dispensary, and industry as a whole,” he said in the interview.

“Growing up in a multicultural home with generations of mixed heritage, I came to understand that connection transcends language, race, or religion,” he added.

“For me, plant medicine has helped me undo the long-term effects of overriding natural human emotion. It creates the space to feel any fear or emotional pain that has been carried for too long,” he added of his product.


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