ST PETERSBURG, FL and KINGSTON, JAMAICA / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2020 / Duane Boise CEO of MMJ’s International’s Holding shares success for shipping natural whole plant marijuana extracts from Canada to the United’s States for the use of clinical trial research and pharmaceutical development to treat Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease.

As Duane Boise discusses the major miles stones of MMJ including the DEA’s approved international shipping of THC and CBD from Canada to the United States for clinical trials, FDA Orphan Drug Award, and gel cap manufacturing pharmaceutical grade medicine. Sharp questions how Jamaica could be a player in the future endeavors of marijuana production for pharmaceutical grade medicines, and how research could be conducted at Northern Caribbean University a Seventh Day Adventist University in Jamaica.

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Michael Sharpe asks Duane Boise about the future of MMJ Biopharma and their application with the DEA for a Federal Grower’s license as the company anticipates manufacturing in the United States. The importance of this license is that MMJ Biopharma is following the strict guidelines of the DEA where many growers are not federally legal in the United States, and that poses a certain risk considering the unknown future laws and regulations presented by the DEA and FDA at a Federal level.

Furthermore, JJN’s news anchor Michael Sharpe and Boise discuss what it will take in order for Jamaica to be an entrant in the GMP pharmaceutical production world of growing marijuana. Boise explains, Jamaica would have to work with the regulations of the United States to produce a quality plant product with approved development protocols in place. In order for Jamaica to qualify for pharmaceutical grade marijuana cultivation there are several qualifications that must be met. This includes proper growing conditions, free of carcinogens materials, proper handling of the biomass, controlled shipping conditions, and other protocols to be compliant with the US government guidelines.

This is not an impossible transition for Jamaica, but there has to be more specific quality standards implemented to meet the US governments requirements to supply pharmaceutical grade marijuana. It will be interesting to see what the future of medical marijuana holds as new developments and discoveries are found as a result of MMJ’s clinical trials in Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease. This poses the question for Jamaica, will they continue down the path of growing recreational marijuana, or will they invest in cultivating pharmaceutical grade production for international exportation?

In any case, there has to be more clinical trial data to substantiate the science, efficacy, and safety of manufactured cannabis therapeutic medicines.


Michael Sharpe

SOURCE: MMJ International Holdings

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