BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – On Friday night, WKU Police responded to a suspicious person at the University Blvd. and Nashville Rd. roundabout.

According to an arrest citation, 20-year-old Javier Herrandez-Cerrio asked officers if he could get a ride home and that they would look inside his apartment due to him not feeling comfortable about a possible unknown person in the house.

Herrandez-Cerrio was transported to his home and gave consent to officers to go inside.

According to the citation, that’s where officers came across large bags of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. After detaining his roommate, Jose Paulino-Hernandez, Bowling Green Police arrived and the men gave consent to search the apartment.

Police say they found multiple large bags, bowls and small baggies of marijuana; paraphernalia; and scales. Police say they also found a pill bottle with multiple pills containing a hard, clear rock substance – suspected meth.

Herrandez-Cerrio told police he used the pills to trade or sell for food.

Herrandez-Cerrio was arrested, charged with trafficking a controlled substance, trafficking marijuana, and prescription drug not properly contained.


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