Eastern Division police are investigating a report where a 19-year-old man was beaten and extorted for cash, after he allegedly stole a quantity of marijuana. 

Police were told that at about 5.30 pm on Tuesday, the victim was at his home in Rio Claro when he was approached by two men that he knew. One man was armed with a firearm, while the other was armed with a cutlass. The two assaulted the teenager and demanded a quantity of cash for marijuana which they claimed he had stolen.  

The victim denied the allegations. 

Then men then took the victim to a marijuana field and ordered him to come up with $5,000 as compensation for the amount allegedly stolen. 

The teen was able to make arrangements with another individual and have $4,200 brought to the scene. He was released after the money was handed over. 

The injured man made a report to the police and officers of the Eastern Division are continuing inquiries. 


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