The life of any plant begins with germination. Seeds don’t just magically sprout without effort as they are small organisms that are fragile in nature, unlike how it is depicted in cinema or fairy tales. In that way, germination is the process of rousing a seed out of its slumber.

That’s why learning how to conduct this properly is essential as it can make or break the next grow, so here are ways to give your seeds the best possible start in life.

Preparation #1: Get to know your seeds

All things have their roots, and in a plant’s case, they start as seedlings. One seed may look unassuming with its minuscule size, but an entire plant is stored within its hard exterior. It is during germination where the food is converted into sugars that the plant uses to break free from its shell, and from then onward, it will depend on help from its environment to survive. A ready-to-go seedling typically appears like a lightly roasted chestnut.

Those that are lush green and feel soft is an indication that it hasn’t reached maturity yet, so be sure to put these aside as its chances of germinating are low. When the seeds are prime, before popping them, it’s vital to ensure that it has enough space necessary for it to grow into its full potential.

Preparation #2: Start to germinate your seeds

So what’s the best way to germinate cannabis seeds? A continuing favorite of many is the use of wet paper towels, which is a tried and tested method that offers a high germination rate as well as being relatively easy to do even for beginners. The moisture from the towel helps the seed expand and break open, all of which should have minimal interference as not to disturb its delicate structure.

The things you’ll need to get started are simple:

Two clean plates

Paper towels


Step #1: Soak four sheets of paper towels or as much as you need depending on the number of seeds. Both pieces need to be damp, not dripping wet.

Step #2: Place the damp paper towels on a plate and place them at least an inch apart from each other before placing the second piece over the top. Do the same for the remaining towels.

Step #3: Place another plate on top of the other and flip it over to cover the seeds. This is to recreate a dark and protected environment for the seeds.

Step #4: The temperature has a significant impact on the growth of your seedlings, and it’s best to keep them snug somewhere between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it for a couple of days but make sure to peek now and then. Saturate the paper towel with water if you notice it’s getting dry, and soon enough, you’d be able to crack your seedling and see the first sign of its taproot emerging.

Step #5: Once the taproot is out in the open, immediately place the seed into your growing medium using tweezers, taproot down first. 2-inch pots are an excellent place to start. Fill it up with loose soil and poke about a quarter-inch hole through. Upon transferring, make sure to do it carefully as it is at a vulnerable state, and lock it in by spraying water with a sufficient amount to moisten the bed. Over-saturating the water may suffocate the sprout, and when done correctly, all you need to do is sit back and wait for it to reach for the sky.

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