When it comes to cannabis laws in California, it can be a little tricky remembering what’s legal where.

While Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana statewide in 2016, that does not mean “anything goes” when it comes to cannabis use, growing, selling and purchasing. County and city ordinances rule on all those issues.

The city of Marysville recently approved commercial sale and delivery. That puts them outside the box compared to other local governments:

– In Sutter County, marijuana use is legal as long as it is not done in certain non-smoking areas such as near schools, but the sale and purchase of marijuana is illegal within county limits, according to Sutter County Undersheriff Scott Smallwood. 

Outdoor grows are illegal in Sutter County, but up to six plants can be grown inside a home as long as it has a filtration system, lockable doors and windows and is not within 1,000 feet of a school. Smallwood said a garage does not count as a residential grow. Those who do grow must be the owners of the property and must pay two fees of over $200 to the county for regulation inspections. 

Yuba City code enforcement officer Eric Ball said that the six-plant rule is for structures of at least 75 square feet. 

The ban on dispensaries in Sutter County goes back to before the 2016 ballot measure that legalized recreational marijuana passed and the county’s board of supervisors decided against allowing them, according to Sutter County public information officer Chuck Smith.  

Ball said the ban on dispensaries in Sutter County includes Yuba City. 

Smith said as long as the indoor grow site meets the requirements, recreational or medical marijuana can be grown. Smallwood compared the rules about who and where people can smoke to that of rules relating to cigarettes or alcohol use. 

– In Yuba County outdoor growing is also illegal and an approved structure is allowed to grow up to six plants. Yuba County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brandon Spears said those structures have to be licensed by the state. He said under the statewide measure a person is allowed to carry an ounce of marijuana at one time.

“The misnomer is that it’s legal in the state,” said Spear who heads up Marijuana Enforcement Team Yuba. “It’s legal to a certain point.”

In the unincorporated areas of Yuba County commercial cultivation of marijuana is illegal, Yuba County code enforcement manager Jeremy Strang said.


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