Though sales figures were down week over week, Trulieve again sold more than half of the legal cannabis in the Florida system.

The numbers collated by Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use cover the week ending May 14.

According to OMMU, 98,460,931 milligrams of THC were dispensed throughout the system in the week, down from 104,863,860 the week before.

Trulieve dispensed 51,085,558 milligrams from its 47 storefronts, down from 53,840,485 milligrams the prior week, but representing a bigger market share.

Surterra Wellness, with 39 brick and mortar locations, is second, but way behind, with 11,911,203 milligrams distributed during the week, down somewhat from the previous week’s 13,565,637.

The three and four spots flip-flopped last week, with Curaleaf narrowly overtaking MUV overall on the strength, in part, on a rare sale on flower.

MUV offered no statewide promotions that compared, though they did open two new storefronts in the last week, according to OMMU.

Curaleaf’s 8,171,501 milligrams sold was down slightly from 8,800,000 the week before. However, MUV crashed, from 9,175,000 the week before down to just 7,923,005 this week.

MUV also lost market share in flower sales, with just 1,964,819 ounces moved, good for a fading fifth.

Upstart GrowHealthy, which has 16 storefronts compared to MUV’s 21, had 1,876,130 ounces of flower moved in the same period, and unless MUV finds a way to get traffic, it may fade out of the top tier completely.

Curaleaf, in fourth with 2,195,916 ounces sold, already overtook MUV.

Meanwhile, at the top of the market, the story in smokable flower is a familiar one of what could be called “shake up.”

Budget product, such as bargain-bin pre-ground flower and “minis” or “smalls” that are creative ways to brand so-called “popcorn” buds, drives sales among an increasingly cash-crunched clientele.

Flower sales were actually up week over week on the strength of value buys, with 35,134,261 ounces selling, up from 34,588,157 ounces the week before

Trulieve moved 18,284,465 ounces of cannabis, down slightly from 18,695,003 the week before, but still good for over half the market.

Surterra Wellness, second in smokable dispensations, gained share week over week, moving 3,776,534 ounces of marijuana last week, up bigtime from 3,176,436 ounces during the first week of May.

The company, a late entrant to smokable sales compared to other legacy companies, likewise is targeting consumers looking for deals, with $50 quarter-ounces of ground cannabis and $30 eighths of whole flower, along with $27 popcorn variants. Quality typically reflects pricing, but in Florida’s system of dispensation and regulation, an ounce is an ounce.

Liberty Health Sciences, moved 3,348,566 ounces of marijuana last week, up from 2,872,258 ounces the first week of May, showing that marketing so-called “shake” drives traffic through the doors.


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