An Illinois-based company wants to open Warrenville’s first and only adult-use cannabis dispensary now that recreational pot sales are allowed in the city.

NuMed Partners LLC is seeking a special-use permit to open a combination recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in a former bank at the northwest corner of Route 59 and Ferry Road. The location is north of I-88 on the Naperville-Warrenville border.



Representatives of NuMed told city officials in January that the company operates dispensaries in Chicago, East Peoria and Urbana and had submitted 25 applications for new locations. In addition to a special-use permit, NuMed would need approval from the state to open the proposed Warrenville facility.

The city council in December approved an ordinance allowing the sale of pot under the Illinois’ Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which made recreational use and possession by adults legal across the state on Jan. 1.

As part of Warrenville’s ordinance, the city will issue only one permit for operation of an adult-use cannabis dispensary. To get the permit, a dispensary owner must go through an approval process and meet requirements that include security provisions and hours of operation.

The plan commission has scheduled a May 21 public hearing on NuMed’s application that will be held virtually.

Ronald Mentzer, the city’s director of community and economic development, said NuMed’s proposed dispensary would occupy the entire 4,770-square-foot, single-story building. He said a drive-through on the west side of the building would be removed.



NuMed is proposing to operate the Warrenville location from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week. The dispensary would have 10 to 15 vetted employees, and a licensed security guard would be on site at all times. The company has submitted a 51-page security plan as part of its application.

After the plan commission reviews the proposal, it will make a recommendation to the city council, which has the final say.

If the dispensary opens in Warrenville, the city would impose a 3% tax on its cannabis sales. In addition, Warrenville receives a 1% state sales tax and a 1.25% home-rule sales tax. As a result, the city would receive a total sales tax of 5.25% on gross recreational cannabis sales.



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