Weed and Coffee – If you are a coffee lover and take weed on separate occasions, you might be wondering what it takes to combine the two. The idea seems magical—what with the caffeine kicking in as well as the ‘high’ effects that weed endows.

Albeit the idea that experimenting with both may pose a health risk, science confirms otherwise. In fact, a nudge of caffeine and a pungent flavour of smoke combined come with some benefits. These include sustained energy, productive creativity, and utmost focus. The results are brought by the respective stimulant of coffee and depressant effects of cannabis that complement together.

That said, here are four tips to combine weed and coffee together to reduce anxiety.

1. Choose hybrid weeds
The variety of cannabis actually falls into three categories: Indica (short and dense plants with relaxing effect), Sativa (long, thin foliage with long, cylindrical buds known for its CBD), and Indica Sativa Hybrid (a combination of the two).

In general, marijuana can be a depressant; however, they all vary in terms of benefits and effects. If you want to start your day by nursing a cup of java with weeds on the side, we suggest that you’d go for the hybrid. Why? That will give you energy from Sativa and a counterbalance calming effect from the Indica.

2. Opt for espresso
Know that overconsuming coffee with cannabis can be more harmful than helpful. That means that you don’t necessarily need a full cup of coffee early in the morning. The perfect recipe is a short pour of espresso with a bit of weed. For the uninitiated, espresso is a full-flavoured, concentrated coffee that’s typically served in “shots.” Sure, it may be stronger than your regular coffee. However, you can better regulate your coffee consumption with each espresso sip, as it gets stronger.

3. Have a morning routine
They say that you have to start the day with the right mindset. That, too, applies to your morning routine in preparing your weed and coffee consumption. For instance, you may want to incorporate a smoke or vape of weed and a cup of an espresso shot in the morning. You have to start by rolling a joint, packing your pipe, or loading your pen. On the other hand, you have to prepare your espresso shot and pour the perfect coffee in a cup. From there, you can enjoy a sip of coffee while puffing your lungs out. Doing so can give you productive and creative activities all throughout the day.

4. Explore different methods
While you’re at it, why not experiment with different methods? As they say, it’s different strokes for different folks. For this reason, you may want to explore varied coffee-and-cannabis sessions with a morning routine that works best for you. You may actually opt for vaping Sativa or a bong rip of Indica to see what effects suit your daily needs. Sip, inhale, and centre yourself with the right combination of weed and coffee.

Ultimately, weed and coffee make for a great combination. For this reason, consider the valuable tips outlined above, from choosing hybrid weeds to going for espresso, having a morning routine down to experimenting with different methods.

Go and find the right dosage and consumption of coffee and weed for you, and reap the wonderful benefits throughout your day.

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