Known as the smallest species of the Cannabis genus, autoflowering cannabis is one of the best breeds to grow with its adaptability to any light sources. Because of this, they don’t need to follow the 12/12 light cycle for the production of flowers. Which means that they can grow flowers in under 24 hours (of light) from seed to harvest. It’s a prime specimen to cultivate if you’re planning to build up your garden with a faster rate of production

The qualities of autoflowering cannabis

The autoflowering cannabis, or ruderalis cannabis, is a native variety of Sativa plants that appears as a small bushy plant. In contrast to other strains, its petite stature allows it to reach full maturity much quicker from between 8 to 11 weeks. It achieves this feat even under harsh growing conditions.

The ruderalis plant’s adaptation to different growing conditions makes it resistant to numerous diseases and pests. Because of this, their flower production rate is much higher and can produce seeds faster than any other cannabis strain.

The impact of crossbreeding autoflowering cannabis

Ruderalis cannabis contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, breeders crossbreed these strains with commercial species Indica and Sativa for a faster flower production rate. The result is the evolution of these marketable strains to have shorter harvest days within 60 days from seed. The hybrid plants’ small size of under 100 cm and its 20-30% THC content makes it an excellent harvest for limited-space indoor gardens.

The popularity of autoflowering cannabis

Crossbreeding ruderalis cannabis is becoming a new trend among cannabis grower communities. Since it doesn’t require a light cycle change for growing, there’s no need for different growing rooms for plants in different growth stages. Additionally, its durability and adaptability make it easier for amateur growers to recover from several issues, such as underwatering, transplanting and temperature fluctuations.

The benefits of autoflowering plants

Whether you’re keeping an outdoor or indoor garden setup, you can benefit from the adaptive qualities of autoflowering plants. All plants under the ruderalis strains can automatically flower even in indoor environments, making it a budget-friendly choice for setting garden plots. Traditionally, non-ruderalis strains require separate beds to accommodate their vegetative and flowering stage. With ruderalis plants, you can occupy twice us much room without the delays in transplanting your plants.

For outdoor growers, autoflowering seeds enable harvests to happen in any season. Their adaptability makes it possible even during harsh climates when regular strains would be too problematic to maintain. These benefits primarily come from its small stature and short life cycle. Breeders can collect over 250 seeds from a 7-inch plant only two months in its life cycle. In contrast to regular Indica and Sativa strains that require 5 to 6 months, it’s a substantial advantage if you’re planning to expand your gardening plots.


Purchasing a Ruderalis plant for crossbreeding is one of the best investments you can make if you want to have an easier life with your gardening duties. Autoflowers solve several issues that both veteran and amateur cannabis growers often deal with. Its crossbreeding potential allows for a more abundant harvest while still maintaining decent THC levels for your plants.

Although the Ruderalis plant’s adaptive qualities make it easy to handle, it’s best to order from a reliable supplier to ensure that your seeds are in top condition. We have a wide selection of the best CBD seeds in the UK if you plan to diversify your cannabis crop. Order from our website and start growing your first batch today!


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