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A Windsor man named Glen Richard Mousseau, who allegedly told U.S. authorities he directed a major smuggling operation employing a submarine, was pulled unconscious out of the Detroit River Friday attached by a tow strap to 265 pounds of marijuana, the Detroit News is reporting.

The 49-year-old Canadian is facing drug possession, smuggling and immigration charges in the U.S. and is being held without bond.

The newspaper cited an affidavit filed in federal court that revealed authorities started probing Mousseau when he was discovered with US$97,060 in cash during a May 10 traffic stop about 80 km northeast of Detroit. After Homeland Security agents arrived to interview him, he admitted to entering the country illegally, running a smuggling operation moving money and drugs between the U.S. and Canada, and the method he would use to get the $97,060 to Canada, according to the News.

The filings said that Mousseau told them he sends GPS co-ordinates to someone in Canada, who then boards a “submersible watercraft” to cross the river, where he meets Mousseau, and takes the contraband back to Canada.


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