Fun fact: The best environment to grow Cannabis is at home.

Wondering how? First off, the fact that you have complete control over the way of growing it lets you increase growth and maximize production the way you want.

However, like anything else, there is one condition – you have to put effort in making the most optimum environment for best yields.

But the story doesn’t end here. Marijuana’s resilience allows room for mistakes, so even if you can’t manage to make the perfect environment, you will still be producing it!

Delve deeper into this blog to learn instructions on the ways of growing your own weed while enjoying the process and keeping it fun and simple, along with learning the benefits of growing it at home!

Without wasting more time, let’s get started so you can produce marijuana in the vicinity of your home in no time at all.

Benefits of growing your own Cannabis

  1. Saves a Lot of Money

Yes, you heard that right! Growing your own marijuana requires an initial investment, but that’s the most you will ever be paying.

Once you have some plants at your hands, you can allow them to pollinate and make more seeds, and in turn, plant those seeds for new plants.

  1. Limitless Supplies

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, running out of marijuana is never a pleasing news. But worry not—home-made marijuana will have you covered at all times!

Curious to know the trick behind this? Well, practice makes a man perfect. 

You need to get the hang of two factors – figuring out how much marijuana comes from one plant, and planting in a way that different plants mature at different times of the year. 

  1. Create High-Quality Marijuana

Marijuana tailored to your quality standards—what else do you wish for?

Growing it at home gives you the chance to produce high-quality marijuana, by controlling environmental variables and ensuring you tend to the needs of all plants. 

You can experiment with soil, water and sunlight the way you want, to ensure that an optimum environment is created for all plants.

This also allows for production quality that suits your affordability. 

Ways of Growing Your Own Cannabis

  1. Plain Soil – the traditional method.

This, as the name suggests, is the easy way out.

First, you decide a space where you wish to grow your plants and then decide your cannabis grow lights. Then you give your cannabis plants air.

The technical part here is picking your climate controls and monitors, and I’m sure the shopkeeper you’re purchasing them from will help you in your decision-making.

The next step, as you’d expect, is deciding the growing medium, and yes, you’re thinking right, soil it is!

Add this medium to a suitable container – it may be an old pot you used in school to grow apple seeds, or just an extra jar your mom has in the kitchen.

Finally, make sure your plants get enough nutrients and water, give them love and care, and BOOM – you have well-grown, home-made, good quality cannabis and you are officially a cannabis farmer!

  1. Hydroponics – it’s not as complicated as the name!

 Simply put, this involves growing plants without soil or vegetable matter, and as an example, gravel contained in something as simple as a pot may be used. 

Fertilizers and water are added throughout the growing period. A nutrient-water solution is used in an inert growing medium rather than nutrient-rich soil.

You must be wondering why we didn’t use just plain soil instead … The answer is simple. Basically, hydroponic plants’ roots show an immediate difference as opposed to plain soil plants’ roots.

Physically, they look like a bunch of white hair.

However, there is effort put into this method. You need to monitor pH and nutrient levels closely to ensure they stay within the optimum limit, and this also means more equipment is needed.

But don’t worry, this extra work will pay you off in the form of larger yields. 

Additionally, the no-soil factor means you will have less mess to clean up; after all, there won’t be soil spreading all over the place requiring cleaning. 

  1. Aeroponics –again, an interesting method!

As you can probably guess from the name, aeroponics means growing plants in air. 

For this purpose, a mesh basket is hung in the air while water and fertilizer are sprayed over the roots in addition to sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Heavy equipment, including a reservoir and a planter bed, must be put into place for the process to complete.

This may sound like a technical job, but the good news is that the roots produced by this method are even better than hydroponics!

An additional benefit is that pests cannot come in contact with your plants.

You must be thinking it to be a great method, and I don’t mean that it is not, but before you try it—beware!

You must closely monitor the pH levels and nutrients because any minor mistakes can create the biggest of blunders! 

However, the extra care will again be paid off in the form of huge yields and spectacular results, that will make you forget all the hard work and initial investment.

Don’t miss the fun part – after all, it’s fun, right?

Growing cannabis at home is can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, along with being a fun and productive task to do for killing time!

Although some ways mentioned above may have intimidated you, I ensure that none of them are too complicated when you start off with the right dedication.

As they say, you reap what you sow; you will get results depending on the amount of effort put in.

Still a little nervous and confused?

Hold on, let me assure you – the benefits of growing your own marijuana, including saved costs and limitless supplies, paired with a variety of methods to choose from ranging from simple to slightly complicated, allow you the flexibility you need in growing plant – just jump into it!


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