Stoners, get ready. This is your episode.

Well, not really. I don’t want to disappoint you. No, we aren’t rating and ranking out favorite kinds of pot. We’re not comparing indica versus whatever the other one is. Rather, this episode delves deep into the dark sides of the industry. Weed may be legal, but the people who work at dispensaries are putting their lives on the line every single week to bring you your kush.

Reporter Tess Riski comes on the show to talk about the things that make the weed industry in Portland dangerous. Since cannabis is not legal federally, pot shops can’t store their revenue in bank accounts like regular business. This forces them to deal their business almost exclusively in cash. Loose cash stockpiled in a place next to drugs. What could go wrong?

To find out more about why the weed business is suddenly treacherous, give this week’s Dive episode a listen.

Or, if you just want the news and the quote of the week, listen to the beginning and end. BTW, the “quote of the week” is racist. Spoiler alert.


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