1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 #CRTV420 https://cannabisexaminers.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/4732/1st-us-high-times-cannabis-cup-denver-colorado-day-2-crtv420.jpg

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4/21/2013 -Long Video! Below is a video guide: (Expand for more.)

1:08 Bent GlassWorks
1:42 Sweet Tooth Glassworks
3:24 MMJPatient (Mag)
6:25 Hempy Buddies
8:36 Grasshopper Pipes
9:32 BlindPackPins
11:20 Dabs with Dan R3dBand
13:03 TGA Subcool Seeds & Love
13:27 The Incredibles Fountain
15:42 Leafy Co2 VapePen (O-Pen)
17:06 Discreet Treats
17:50 Heady Glass!
19:48 CRTV Fans
21:17 Scott RareDankness
24:06 Citizen Jay
25:00 Smoking the Doggy Doob
31:20 Medicated Zombies
33:00 21+ Recreational Section
37:00 Art, Medicated Butter
38:00 Final Smoke Session
49:07 Making My Exit, The End.

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