Older people may feel cynical about the benefits a marijuana product can have, however for them the pros of CBD oil are especially obvious. Here are some ways that CBD can benefit seniors.

1.            CBD can improve sleep quality

One of the greatest benefits of CBD oils and perhaps its most popular effect is its capacity to improve sleep habits and the quality of sleep. Millions of Americans suffer from poor sleep and insomnia and those over the age of 60 can have a harder time than most since their biochemical functions are not as sharp as they once were. But, improving these biochemical process is part of what CBD oils do. CBD oils can also address other conditions that cause pain or undue stress and this is another benefit to getting a good night’s sleep.

There has been considerable research in the effects that CBD treatment can have on regulating the sleep process, and results suggest CBD is a great benefit to improved sleep habits. Seniors who have trouble getting to sleep at night may find potent relief in CBD oil treatments from this site and lifestyle changes.

2.            CBD oil helps reduce pain experienced

Another impressive benefit from CBD that has important benefits to seniors is the capacity to affect nociception, which is the experience and sensation of pain. CBD oils have been found to reduce the pain experienced in all types of conditions. Whether suffering from aching bones, joints or the latent pains and discomfort of old injuries, many seniors have collected their share of pains to besiege them. The worst thing is traditional painkillers are not a good choice for addressing these pains effectively. In addition to building resistances against them, many of the body’s internal functions can become thwarted by the constant use of NSAIDS, Opioids and other conventional pharmaceutical pain medication.

CBD edibles and tinctures can be very effective in building resistance to pain, but those seniors who need an instant fast acting relief to painful conditions can consider smoking CBD the old fashioned way from a bong, bubbler, water pipe or similar device. 

3.            CBD might help you kick your pre-existing addiction

Pain is a serious issue in today’s society and the fact that suitable treatment methods are in such short supply contribute to a much larger problem. The opioid crisis of today began with doctors prescribing pain meds for everything from fibromyalgia to ingrown toenails. The problem is that now many people are addicted to these pain meds and this has made even day to day operations and functioning a very difficult thing.

This is where CBD is offering a solution to the opioid crisis by providing a new avenue for addressing a wide variety of painful conditions. As a natural and effective remedy for pain relief we can expect to be seeing CBD play a larger role in medical history in the years to come.

4.            CBD can help soothe seizures

CBD treatments provide a promise of relief for a wide variety of illnesses characterized by seizures. Studies have found that CBD treatments could be beneficial to controlling the occurrences and in some cases eliminating the problem with seizures altogether. One study was featured in Scientific America, it highlighted a great interest many of the largest pharmaceutical companies have in making CBD treatments available to those suffering from seizures.

5.            Cardiac issues are made manageable with CBD

Diseases of the heart affect millions of Americans and cardio related illnesses are one of the leading causes of death in the developed world and are also the primary diseases of affluence. There are many reasons for this and the causes don’t show signs of abating now, but there is hope for a potential treatment. An increasing amount of studies have shown that CBD has great potential for mitigating the harshness of cardiac conditions and may help to make them more manageable. 

This information comes from one study, at least, that has extolled the curative properties of CBD especially for addressing heart health. CBD has the capacity to reduce the effects of oxidative-nitrosative stress.

Those who remain undecided about the efficacy of CBD as a therapeutic and remedial treatment for many conditions are invited to look at the science behind these studies. Despite many years as an anathema in society, cannabis and its many curative properties are too great to be ignored and is forcing the hand of legislators and governments to release their bans on this ancient medicine.


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