When you have used up your weed stash, what’s left most likely are seeds and stems. They are often considered as waste. However, before you throw them away, know that you can turn them into something useful and fun for you. Here are some things you can make out of marijuana seeds and stems so that they don’t end up in the trash bin:

1. Use them in your arts and crafts projects
Marijuana seeds and stems make perfect materials for your arts and crafts projects. The debris can be used as decorative materials on the surfaces of your craft. It’s the same as using small sticks and seeds to create a simple daub and wattle walls.

2. Grow your own marijuana
The seeds are where new plants start to grow. With marijuana seeds in your hands, you can start growing your own marijuana plant. However, you need to check your local laws first. Is growing marijuana plants legal in your area? How many plants can you grow at home before you get into trouble with the police? Is it legal to consume marijuana in your location?
When you’re sure that growing and consuming marijuana will not get you into legal trouble, you must germinate the seeds. Germination is an essential process for a new plant to grow, and it can be extra challenging to germinate marijuana seeds.

Get a plate, put a wet paper towel on it, place the seeds on the wet towel, then cover it with another plate. The seeds will absorb the water and start to germinate. When they have germinated, plant the seeds in a small pot. Water them every day, and make sure they get enough sunlight and the right temperature.

Remember, the reason your weed had seeds in the first place would be due to an error in the grow. Female plants that seed stop producing buds (THC levels drop) and put their energy in to producing seeds. If your weed has seeds, it’s likely that the plants were stressed.

Here at Coffee Shop Seeds we would always recommend buying your cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks, however, it can be great fun germinating seeds from your weed to see how they grow. A few basic rules though, always plant your weed seeds well away from your other grow’s. It is more than possible that some of the seeds in your weed will be male. It is imperative that these male plants do not pollinate your female plants. Check the sex daily and once sex signs are showing dispose of the male plants immediately.

3. Make beverages from the stems
The marijuana stems may look more useless than the leftover seeds. However, you can turn them into beverages. For one, you can make tea using the stems. Separate the stems from the seeds, put them in your teapot, and pour hot water, and you have your very own marijuana tea. Don’t worry; the tea won’t get you high because the stems barely have the actual THC or CBD content, the compounds found in marijuana. Also, the taste won’t probably be pleasant.

Another beverage that you can make out of marijuana stems is beer. Cannabis beer is brewed using hops, water, and cannabis. It is gluten-free and alcohol-free. There are commercial breweries that make cannabis beers now, but you can try to do it yourself at home.

Summing it up
Marijuana seeds and stems leftover from your weed stash may look useless at first, but you can do something with them. Don’t throw your seeds and stems leftover because you can use them for making arts and craft materials, growing marijuana plants, and even making tea and beer out of them.

If you’re looking to buy Marijuana seeds, Coffee Shop Seeds is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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