Natural hemp produces seeds which can yield cannabidiol (CBD) oil. While hemp is a distant cousin of the more notorious marijuana, hemp seeds and the CBD oil that it produces don’t contain psychoactive compounds. This means you won’t get high nor will you become addicted to CBD oil. But depending on how it was made, CBD oil can have different strengths, which in turn can be used for various treatments.

The benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil is perfectly legal in the UK. But before you try out CBD oil, make sure to consult with your GP first. If you have any pre-existing conditions, CBD oil may not be appropriate for you. For example, you may be prone to its side effects, such as fatigue, irritability, and nausea.

Nonetheless, CBD oil has been produced and used by people long even before traditional medicine began taking it seriously. Here’s how CBD oil can be beneficial to your health:

You can use CBD oil to treat arthritis pain

CBD oil appears to be successful where most painkillers fail. Studies have shown that CBD’s mechanism of action works to treat inflammatory pain, such as arthritis. Experiments on animals seem to be promising, and research is still ongoing to develop a full-blown medical trial involving humans.

This will help pave the way for the determination of effective doses. Nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent you from using CBD as alternative medicine. If you’ve run out of options for your arthritis, you may want to go with CBD oil.

Multiple sclerosis and CBD oil

Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves the loss of insulating material in the axons of your nerves. This loss of insulation results in improper transport of electrical signals between nerves, causing painful, uncontrollable spasms and twitching in the muscles.

A medical review published in the medical journal Frontiers in Neurology last year said that CBD oil can still be used as a supplement to help ease the pain. Although the authors said that the effectiveness of CBD oil on MS has to be studied more, the lack of side effects and reported a reduction of spastic symptoms among users means that CBD oil is safe to use, at the very least. If you find a lifetime of very expensive beta interferon injections unpalatable, then you can try CBD oil. It may be a better, more cost-efficient alternative.

How CBD oil can ease chronic pain

The natural process of aging brings with it various signs and symptoms of pain. Close to 46% of elderly patients admitted to UK hospitals complain of chronic pain, and existing painkillers appear to be ineffective solutions for these people.

A study published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics details the results of a randomized human trial aimed at studying the effectiveness of medical marijuana, including the CBD it contains, on chronic pain patients.

What the researchers found out was that CBD might work as an “endocannabinoid modulator,” meaning it can react with the nervous system to help manage pain like medical marijuana. But unlike medical marijuana, CBD is legal in the UK and doesn’t have the psychoactive substances that medical marijuana does.

In addition, CBD does not appear to cause drug tolerance, which is a bane among other drugs that chronic pain patients experience. Studies led by a group of Indiana University researchers have shown how long-term use of CBD to treat chemotherapy-associated pain was effective, even without increasing the dose. As such, chronic pain patients can use CBD to relieve their pain without worrying about how they may grow tolerant to the drug in the future.

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