The fantasy of smoking is an exclusive pastime. Visuals of the swirling smoke patterns are magical! They transpire one to an awakening dream right away. To see the formless in motion, disappearing gently engages the senses inexplicably. The rich texture of taste and smell completes the experience.

The way of lighting up your smoke mixture also matters. There are various ways to enjoy a smoke. People roll it up in special papers. Many use cool things like wooden or glass pipes, bongs, hookahs, vaporizers, etc. Although it is a matter of personal choice, yet glass pipes are really something else! The convenient transparency of glass offers a fine spectacle to see the smoke swirling inside it. Such visuals incredibly enrich the euphoria of smoking. All in all, it turns into more and furthermore thoughtful recreation.

The world of smokers

Even in the glass pipe niche, you can find options such as spoons, chillums, bubblers, and steamrollers. Look up the special features of each to start with your collection of glass pipes. It is actually a very popular hobby among smokers, and for good reasons. There are so many fascinating choices, that the experience enriches with each form of uniqueness. It is also a great feeling to associate special memories to different pipes of your collection. Every time you use it, you get nostalgic, idly seeing the smoke passing by. You know the feeling!

Grow your collection

So, if this is your first-time purchase, here are a few tips to help you out. Visit a nice page for wholesale glass pipes. The commonest choice is the ‘spoon’. It is a fairly easy apparatus and is rather self-explanatory. All you have to do is to stuff your herb mixtures into the concavity, light it up, and start smoking right away! However, the only disadvantage seems to be the convoluted shape making it difficult to wipe its inside. Well, there would be sticky residues as an after-effect of smoking. You got to deal with it to enjoy flawlessly.

This is the reason why seasoned users often suggest steamrollers. They have a straight cylindrical shape and so it is easy to keep clean. The smoking bowl is detachable, making it farther convenient. Usually, the roller is made of a lighter glass material compared to the thickness of spoons. Anyway, you got to be careful about not dropping it. Both are available in a variety of colors, so, take your pick.

You can definitely purchase both from a reliable shop for wholesale glass pipes in bulk. It is very convenient because you can go through the most diverse inventory you can imagine. Compare the pros and cons, and shop. Keep such a useful page on your bookmarked list. Being a regular smoker, you may feel like celebrating life in new colors occasionally! Find a brand new colorful pipe to celebrate!

Apart from the two types discussed above, you can get a chillum or a bubbler. The Chillum is a traditional straight pipe from India. You have to hold it in a perpendicular way, cupped with your palms and inhale gently. The chillum is mighty satisfying due to the volume of smoke that comes through when done properly.


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