In looking for the highest quality of cannabis, one word is prevalent in the 420 community – dank. There are many origin stories behind the word, but all varied definitions lead to a solitary, clear image of a weed that does not hold back in its nearly immaculate superiority and pungency.

While selecting the right one isn’t exactly a science, and there are no cookie-cutter ways to determine which is the finest, as there are still visual and sensory cues to note when determining a bud’s value. However, before growing cannabis and aiming to achieve peak performance throughout the plant’s cycle, quality should start with its seeds. It helps to know how to spot the very best from the bunch, and fortunately, we’ve got you covered!

Tip #1: Appearance and Color
High-quality seeds have distinct characteristics that set them apart from seeds that are either unhealthy or immature to properly grow. Seeds that have the potential to grow a cream of the crop cannabis should look brown, tan, or even black, while dud seeds are painted over with lighter hues like white, yellow, and pale green. Some people also believe that the highest quality seeds will have certain aesthetic qualities like dark spots and stripe patterns, along with a healthy sheen of wax-like coating on the surface when held under a light.
Tip #2: Size and Shape
When it comes to selecting the pick of the litter, size, and shape matters. In this case, the bigger it is, the better! Upon closer inspection, the largest seeds should also possess qualities that make it look perfectly symmetrical or teardrop-shaped, while immature seeds are small and often have irregular shapes.
Tip #3: Hardness and Durability
Quality seeds typically have hardened, outer shell with a smooth and uncracked feel to its surface, while unfavorable or dud seeds will be soft to the touch and brittle, making it easily crinkle, crank, or crumble.
Tip #4: Float Test
The float test is the easiest way to check whether or not the seeds are viable. On that note, it’s as easy as dropping a seed into a cup of distilled water and let it sit for about an hour or two. When it sinks, you’ll know that it has enough mass and will, therefore, be prime enough to germinate successfully than seeds that are lightweight and float. Do note that after testing, the seeds should be germinated and planted immediately as exposing seeds to saturated water can cause it to mold and decay when left unattended.
The Bottom Line: Why Quality Matters
The use of cannabis demands research, and access, especially as it is only in the recent decade, wherein it has been inching towards legality in chosen states. For the novice consumer, it is tempting to buy weed that is low quality and cheap, due to the misconception that attaining the ‘high’ sensation is all cannabis can offer. Top-grade cannabis, or dank weed, takes more than that.
Flavor, texture, aroma, and looks all have a factor in making or breaking cannabis. Beyond impressing connoisseurs with its flagship qualities, doing so also allows the community to properly regulate and encourage safe ways to consume or purchase marijuana. This is because improperly grown weed may be tainted with unknown contaminations, from natural diseases to even pests and toxic pesticides. If the weed is dank, health risks as a result of unsuitable cultivation may be significantly reduced.
Though the characteristics vary depending on the type of strain, dank weed merely is dank. It is worth every dime as the potency promises a higher than average content of trichomes, irrespective of the ratio between it’s THC and CBD compounds. Quality weed offers a full-sensory experience for all consumers.

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