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5 Best Sources For A Cannabis Business Loan

While banks will readily fund a well-planned business built around popular products and services, they are unwilling to dabble with the intricacies of the United State’s marijuana laws.

A few – very few – banks might approve little loans for you but you are better off with other options. As banks wouldn’t see reasons to give you loans, some private capitalists are cashing in on this opportunity.
At this point, you start thinking about alternatives.
You can consider the following options:

1.Private equity firms that seek a big stake in your venture or high-interest on short-term loans.

2.Venture capitalists looking to get equity by funding start-ups

3.Crowdfunding campaigns (Fundanna caters solely to cannabis businesses)

4.Angel investors – though they can be very difficult to find.

5.Cannabis financing options as offered by some alternative financing companies.

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