Over the years, more people are finding ways to grow weed efficiently and effectively as growing techniques and technologies are readily available for the public.

Nowadays, one of the most common methods of growing cannabis is hydroponics. Hydroponics basically refers to how you grow plants where nutrients are directly delivered to the roots using water instead of it going through the soil. The great thing about this method of growing plants is that you can do it in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Seeing as it’s a convenient way to grow plants, many cannabis users use this method in growing weed. Conversely, cannabis seeds like CBD crew therapy seeds grow relatively well in a hydroponic environment.

Thankfully, Coffee Shop Seeds offers several cannabis seeds that grow well in a hydroponic system, like Purple Queen Feminised SeedsNorthern Lights Feminised SeedsGreen Gelato Feminised SeedsFranco’s Lemon Cheese Feminised Seeds, and more.

If you’re still iffy about growing your weed hydroponically, read on. We’ve listed some of the biggest reasons you should consider hydroponics for your weed garden. Let’s take a look!

Reason #1: Better Control

One of the biggest advantages of using a hydroponic system in growing weed is that you get more control over what happens to your plants and the medium you use.

Because you have more control, you can measure how much nutrients you give them and how much oxygen their roots are getting. Besides that, you can even control the temperature and light in your room when you grow your weed indoors.

Reason #2: Bigger Yields and Faster Production

When you set up your hydroponic system correctly, chances are you’ll get bigger yields and faster results from your plants. The reason is that you deliver the perfect amount of nutrients your plants need directly to the roots.

Besides that, your system offers better oxygen consumption, which uses the ideal pH level, making it the perfect environment for bigger and growing crops.

Reason #3: Eliminate Pests

Because you have control over the growing environment of your weed plants, you can reduce the risk of pests that can get through your crops. Although you can completely eliminate pests when you grow your plants indoors, hydroponic systems can still do a great job of warding off pests even in an outdoor setting.

Reason #4: Grow Weed All-Year Long

Different cannabis seeds require various factors to grow successfully; this is why taking note of the seasons is vital as well. However, when you use a hydroponic system to grow your weed, a good setup can help you grow weed all year long.

Remember, some cannabis seeds, like autoflowering cannabis seeds, may require additional factors. So speak to experts about its ideal growing conditions and work from there.

Reason #5: Efficient Use of Water

Although hydroponic systems use water to operate, they actually do a great job limiting water waste when growing plants. Hydroponic plants use around 35% less water than plants that are grown in the soil. This is because when you water soil-grown plants, a lot of the water runs off to other parts of the soil and doesn’t feed your plant’s roots at all, adding to water waste.

The Bottom Line: If You’re Looking for an Efficient Way to Grow Weed, Consider a Hydroponic System

When you have an effective hydroponic system, you’ll be able to grow cannabis seeds better, faster, and produce more yield. Besides that, you’re also reducing a lot of waste and having more control over the growing process.

How Can We Help You?

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