If you are on your journey towards having your cannabis garden or just plain curious about cannabis seeds and their growth, this article will teach you how to improve your cannabis seedlings’ growth.

The Importance of Humidity

Every plant is different, but they share some common characteristics and needs. For one, plants need water to live and grow. They also need air—and this is where humidity levels become important to measure.

When there is high humidity in one location, there is a lack of air circulation. Some plants cannot proceed with water evaporation―which is a vital part of the transpiration process―if the humidity level is too high. When the air can no longer retain the excess moisture, it could lead to condensation or the tiny droplets of water, fog, rain, or morning dew you see in some leaves.

When growing cannabis seeds, you also need to find the optimum humidity level for them. These kinds of plants actually require different humidity levels in their different growing stages. As such, it’s best to know a bit about each stage to understand the role of humidity in them.

Stage 1: Germination

This stage is the seeds’ beginning of life. In other words, it is where they start to grow their roots! Usually, these are the seedlings that have just sprouted or have lived between zero to ten days. They are like babies who are still fragile and are in need of strengthening themselves.

These seeds need high moisture levels so they can grow into plants with strong and healthy roots later. Ideally, they should enjoy a room temperature of 25 to 26 degrees Celsius in the morning, and it should drop to 21 to 22 degrees Celsius at night.

Recommended humidity level: Between 75 to 90 per cent

Stage 2: Young Seedlings

Stage two involves young seedlings and the ten-day-old clones. Like the seeds in the germination stage, these seedlings do not have powerful roots yet, so they would still require a higher moisture level.

Roots usually develop between the 12th or the 20th day upon planting the seeds. The root growth is the most crucial phase in their lives since it would determine how the seedlings would turn out later. The healthier and vigorous their roots get, the stronger plants they become.

Recommended humidity level: Between 70 to 80 per cent

Stage 3: Growing Seedlings

When your seedlings are in their growing phase, you should still maintain high humidity levels—but it will be slightly lower than the first stage.

Keep the room temperature slightly lower this time. During the day, have it play between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius and then drop it at 18 to 22 degree Celsius at night time. In doing this, you are allowing the plants to improve their metabolic function!

Recommended humidity level: Between 60 to 70 per cent

Stage 4: Early Flowering

When your plant starts its flowering period, you are almost nearing its final growth stage. By this time, you can lower both the humidity and room temperature. You can now keep the room temperature the same day and night, which is usually between 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. Doing so would help the plants cultivate healthy and beautiful flowers.

Recommended humidity level: 50 to 60 per cent

Stage 5: Late Flowering

Now, you reach your plant’s final growth stage. By this time, drop your temperature levels once again. During the day, maintain an 18 to 24 degrees Celsius temperature and 17 to 20 degrees Celsius at night.

Recommended humidity level: 40 to 50 per cent


Cannabis seeds, like other plants, would require some attention and care for them to grow well. Knowing the optimal humidity level for each of their growth stage demands can help your investment become a success! Apart from following our recommendations, make sure you have quality CBD seeds to have an excellent start and finish.

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