If you have dropped by for some factual answers, here is my two cents on medicinal uses of cannabis.

Believe it or not, this plant can do some crazy stuff that none other plant can!

This genus of plant that goes by the name of Cannabis sativa is a group of narcotic plants. These plants are high in compounds known as THCs and CBDs, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and Cannabidiols. 

THC in cannabis, interestingly, has the stimulating effect responsible for getting you high when you smoke a weed. 

On the other hand, the CBD has an anti-psychoactive effect. 

So THCs and CBDs cancel out each other’s effects. 

As a matter of fact, plant species are categorized based on this slight difference; THCs to CBDs ratio.

1.Cannabis isn’t just a pain reliever

There is nothing that cannabis can’t do. 

You may recognize cannabis for its pain-relieving properties, but there is so much that has to break the surface. 

Moreover, researchers are always on the hunt for more such properties that can improve human health and have no prominent side effects – cannabis, for sure, is a promising start!

Let’s dive straight into the pool of medicinal uses that this mother of narcotic plants has given us.

2.It fights off the tumor cells

It hasn’t been long since I’ve come across this groundbreaking discovery that cannabinoids treat brain cancer. 

Studies have shown that cannabinoids can fight back tumor cells and help prolong a cancer patient’s life when integrated in an optimized manner.

Nothing else than Nature’s mercy here that researchers say that cannabis is showing promising results in treatment of tumor patients. 

Some positive conclusions have surfaced regarding its suppressing effect on other tumors as well. 

3.Cannabis is a passage out for cancer patients

You might have witnessed cancer patients being anxious and always on the verge of throwing up – courtesy of chemotherapeutic drugs that leave them barfed and nauseous. 

Doctors have come up with anti-emetics and anti-nausea drugs to reduce this effect. But even so, there is not a single drug known to cure this nauseous feeling completely!

Cannabis offers a passage out!

With cannabis on board, cancer patients are less likely to feel retched and nauseous.

Results have shown that THCs in cannabis decrease cancer symptoms, and it is nothing less than a treat for cancer patients!

4.Alzheimer patients use cannabis to treat dementia

This conventional plant doing all the unconventional stuff deserves our praise for cannabis has shown improvements for people with dementia, such as lowered agitation.

According to a rough estimate, over 50 million people are believed to be living with Alzheimer’s across the world. 

And the cases are not coming down.

However, several experiments have shown that marijuana relieves aggression and agitation.

In these experiments, THCs were prominent in removing aggregates of amyloid protein from nerve cells.

5.Cannabis work to suppress the ADHD symptoms

Several studies had pointed out excellent outcomes in adolescents and adults with ADHD when used cannabis.

Although it’s still early to make it official, and reports have shown that individuals with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) had more ease in managing their impulses and hyperactivity. 

Some cases report no effect of cannabis on patients with ADHD, but there is still room for more developments.

But it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before taking any major step to avoid any future complications.

6.Cannabis can cure Multiple Sclerosis

This unfairly targeted plant works wonders for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. 

In initial uses of cannabis for multiple sclerosis, the reports suggested that cannabis can help patients by relieving Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. 

This disease that hampers the brain’s connection to the rest of the body made amazing progress when patients took cannabis as the medication. 

They experienced better muscle control and mobility afterwards and said that they were halfway back to being what they were before the disease. 

7.Cannabis–A blessing for people with Parkinson

Like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson is a neurodegenerative disorder that causes tremors and stiffness in muscles. 

And cannabis has to offer a better alternative here as well.

Patients with Parkinson experience better sleep with enhanced coordination and body balance.

8.Say A Goodbye to Anxiety

Cannabis is great for calming down the nerves and bringing down the agitation. This is one of the biggest reasons cannabis has a separate fan base. 

THCs’ psycho-active ingredients work to suppress the brain neurotransmitters and let cannabinoids work instead.

Thanks, a load to our CBRs; Cannabinoid Receptors in our brain help us doze off soon after a quick joint; THCs bind these receptors.

9.Cannabis helps people with depression

Depression is not a joke.

Over the decades, doctors have come up with multiple solutions to treat human mental illnesses such as PTSD, schizophrenia, and depression.

Still, there is not an answer that fully cures depression. 

Here, cannabis covers up the situation. Cannabis, although it doesn’t eliminate the depression but makes people deal with the rushing thoughts and messed up states better.

FDA encourages research on medicinal uses of cannabis

After long years of battle, finally, the air has started to clear for the cannabis industry. But still, the list of medicinal uses of cannabis is undeniably long. 

Keeping the long list of health benefits in view, the FDA has issued guidelines for research on cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds.

And it seems like a plan!

All hail Mother Nature!

This genus of plants is famous for its distinctive Nature and psycho-active qualities. 

Packed with features of THCs and CBDs, cannabis is nothing short of surprises.

From combating tumor cells to keeping your anxiety at bay, cannabis has ticked all the right boxes.

In the coming years, the cannabis industry will continue to protect its stronghold.

The above post gives ample reasons why cannabis growth should be legalized worldwide and why more work should be done on the medicinal use of cannabis. 


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