DENVER–()–Botanacor Laboratories announced that it has been certified by the National Animal Supplement Council as a Preferred Supplier for hemp-derived pet and equine product testing.

As hemp-based products (like CBD) are increasingly found in pet supplements, the National Animal Supplement Council is working to promote the health and well-being of companion animals and horses who are given animal health supplements, and to protect and enhance the animal health-supplement industry.

The National Animal Supplement Council has just certified Botanacor for the important work of helping to ensure – through Botanacor’s renowned “science-first” testing – that pet supplements submitted to Botanacor are tested for contaminants, potency, and legal compliance, and that claims made on product labels are accurate.

“We are only beginning to understand the beneficial features of the cannabinoids contained in hemp. Current research and a wealth of anecdotal evidence shows these potential benefits extend not just to humans but to other animals as well, including pets and domestic animals,” said Del Kreiser, Technical Sales Manager of Botanacor Laboratories. “Pets and domestic animals deserve nothing less than the pure, safe products that humans have access to, and that product and label claims are truthful. We are delighted to be working with the Council to help ensure this is so.”

Botanacor Laboratories (and its sister lab Agricor Laboratories) have drawn substantial national attention recently, since they merged with SC Laboratories. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, SC Laboratories serves California and Oregon markets. Botanacor and Agricor are based in Denver. Agricor serves Colorado with cannabis testing. Botanacor offers hemp-testing services to a global clientele. The three labs joined forces to provide cannabis and hemp brands with access to the most comprehensive, industry-forward testing solutions in North America. This combination brings together three of the longest-standing and most-respected cannabis and hemp testing organizations in the U.S. and forms the foundation of a national testing network.

About National Animal Supplement Council

The mission of the National Animal Supplement Council is twofold: to promote the health and wellbeing of companion animals and horses which are given animal health supplements by their owners, and to protect and enhance the animal health supplement industry. NASC members are concerned and committed manufacturers of animal health supplements from around the world. Together they endeavor to improve the quality and consistency of these products sold to consumers for the benefit of their dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals. Learn more:

About Botanacor Laboratories

Founded in 2014, Botanacor is the leading third-party testing platform for hemp and hemp-derived products in North America. The company is committed to providing consistent and accurate hemp testing services to ensure its customers across the U.S. meet regulatory compliance and industry safety demands. Following cGMP and GLP requirements in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, Botanacor was the first lab in the country to receive CDPHE and ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ certifications. For more information, visit; 888-800-8223.


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