Why You Should Shift to Super Cropping – Growing one’s cannabis plants can be a challenging task for first-timers. There are many methods and tools that you’ll need to utilise so that your crops grow well with the specific conditions needed for growth and survival.

One of the many High-Stress Training (HST) techniques that both beginners and veterans use is super cropping. This method slightly stresses the plants to encourage more leaf and bud growth and higher THC levels produced by the cannabis plant.

“Where do THC levels in Cannabis plants come from?”

Cannabinoid compounds are contained in almost all types of plants and animals. Humans and mammals have the endocannabinoid system to receive cannabinoids in their bodies. Cannabis plants use this system to their advantage as a protective response to hungry predators.

Cannabis plants are unique as they are the only type of plants that creates the cannabinoid THC. Although THC is definitely sought after from the psychoactive effect of marijuana products, it also serves as a means of protection from the wild.

Natural cannabis plants are prone to be eaten or damaged by animals such as deer. The plants’ seeds are also edible to herbivores. However, not all its seeds are attractive to hungry animals. As they become stressed, they produce THC as a means to protect themselves from predators. For seasoned growers, having high levels of high THC content is essential in having a good harvest.

“What is Super Cropping?”

Super cropping is a method of stress training your cannabis plant. When carried out correctly, you can get your plant to produce higher yields of larger more dense buds. This is achieved by methodically inflicting trauma to stimulate growth and increase light efficiency.

“How to Super Crop?”

Once you have removed your excess fan leaves its time to pick a branch – start with a main branch that has at the very least 1 cola. In the middle of the branch, using finger and thumb press hard until you feel the branch crunch slightly (be careful, don’t over do it and snap your plant!). Now you have loosened the branch begin to bend the branch downwards gently. You may want to use twine ties to hold the branch in position.

“What advantages does super cropping have?”

Although growing cannabis in an ideal environment will prevent them from any natural disturbances, such as pests and animals, it also prevents them from growing the most within a short time.

Sometimes, the best way to grow your cannabis is to stress them into developing more THC. The plant’s stress response of high THC can be made through a manually snapping of the branches that bear buds beneath the flower cluster. Instead of plucking or topping, this method does not retard the growth of the plants since it allows them to recover slowly through its natural defence mechanisms.

 “When should I start with super cropping?”

You will need to wait for the third or fourth week of the plants’ vegetative cycle. A common sign of a plant’s progression to this stage is when they reach 30 cm in height. Once your plants are transitioning to the flowering stage, it will no longer be effective to introduce super cropping to increase its THC levels. The plants’ stalks will become too firm and are likely to snap without any means of repairing itself at this point in their growth cycle.


To make sure that your plants grow in a healthy environment, you may sometimes have to recreate their behavioural responses in the wild. The key to having an abundant harvest is making sure that you give your plants what they need in safe and controlled conditions. Super cropping, in particular, is the best training method for cannabis plants that don’t require heavy equipment or years of experience in cannabis care.

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