DETROIT – If you are a cannabis, hemp or CBD-business, and you need cash now to expand or a bridge loan to stay afloat, CBDBob may be able to help. Moore also can help all businesses types with purchase order and invoice financing.

Finance specialist Bob Moore offers a variety of financing tools now when businesses needs them the most due to reduced sales brought on by the COVID19 pandemic.

“We can help just about anyone in the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industries finance expansion, or for that matter, we can help most general businesses as well,” Moore said. “We also can provide financing for land purchases and bridge loans starting at $1 million. And now we can finance business expansion projects in Canada starting at $500,000 and up.”


To unlock Moore’s financing offers, use the code “KM” when you speak to him or email him to receive the funding application.

His financing tools include:

Cannabis and CBD Equipment Financing program

Credit Card Merchant program for Medical Marijuana and CBD centers

Green Energy Systems

Green Housing and Buildings

Pre-Paid Legal Services

Invoice Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Financing for Cannabis Companies, CBD Stores and MM Stores:

Cannabis Program Highlights:  Loan Size:  $20,000 up to Twenty Million $20,000,000;

Application Only: up to $50,000 unsecured financing with no minimum FICO score.

Cannabis and CBD Equipment Financing program for lighting, HVAC, benching, extractors, irrigation, CCTV & related cannabis equipment, security equipment, etc.

Accounts Receivables Financing Invoice Factoring and large commercial loans are

available for businesses



Credit card merchant account program:

Makes more sales when customers can pay with Visa – MC credit card.

Merchant application online:

Have questions about credit card program visit webpage:



Green Energy Systems:  Geothermal & Solar Energy System for better growing and controlling your energy costs – visit


Green Houses and Buildings for CBD operations visit


Everyone should have Legal Shield Pre-Paid Legal Services.  Business Owners and Employees – you can have an attorney available for any question(s) you might have plus a lot more.  Great for Employee Benefit without costing you a penny however some businesses do pay part or all of the cost which is only $24.95 per month and no long-term contract.  If you get sued, you have legal help to represent you in court and represent you in a variety of other legal proceedings.



Phone 580-695-0331 – Fax 866-383-4120


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