CARPINTERIA, Calif. – That smell of cannabis in the Carpinteria Valley may be starting to go away soon.

After months of negotiations, the groups known as the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis and CARP Growers have a signed an agreement with a goal to resolve odor issues.

There are many details including an expanded odor response process, a requirement to use next-generation odor technologies and a plan to investigate Carpinteria odor complaints.

Residents for months have been outspoken about the cannabis smell in the area, especially around Cravens Lane, Foothill Road, and Via Real. At times the smell spreads even farther.

“In partnership with CARP Growers, the Coalition developed a comprehensive voluntary upgrade to the County’s odor control program. All CARP Growers members will comply with that program, and unlike today, odor will not be tolerated in schools, parks and public areas. We credit CARP Growers and its member farms for coming to the table with sincere dedication and a shared interest to make local cannabis farming better,” said Coalition Board Member Rob Salomon.

The groups say this plan will hold the growers accountable. Some have already begun using equipment that’s proven to reduce the odor.

“I’m very proud of our association for negotiating such an expansive and historic agreement which will truly create more transparency and accountability with our neighbors, long term,” said Autumn Shelton, CARP Growers President and co-owner of Autumn Brands farm in Carpinteria. “We have made enormous investments in advancing the science and research and development around odor over the last year. This is a new scientific field, and we are learning a lot each day about what compounds cause odors, and how to best mitigate and monitor odor.”

There are currently 20 farm project sites involved in this agreement.


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