So, where does cannabis fit into this dream? Well, the future of the cannabis industry is not only bright, but its possibilities are nearly endless! Not only is it a medicine, but in the form of hemp, it can also be a source of food and protein, a building material, a soil rejuvenator, a source of fiber for clothing and rope, a replacement for plastics, a producer of oil, and many other things that would take pages and pages to describe. This not only means a decrease in slow-growing sources of materials like trees, but it also means a diversification of new jobs, new income, new infrastructure and a second chance to consider logistics and transportation possibilities.

The considerable income from this movement can also lead to more research into genetics, genetic potential, soil regeneration practices, and research into the interplanetary endeavors. Funding from private wealthy parties that are also environmentally conscious can assist in this process as well. Cooperation from private sector companies like Tesla whose rocket technology can go hand-in-hand with composting facilities to produce fuel sources and materials; will lead the way into the future. Not only that, but the byproducts from these composting processes can provide a carbon-negative fertilization solution and end the destruction of our soils in the process.

At Key to Life Supply, we imagine a great cooperation between the best and the brightest to help us move into the future. We envision a world that is not only sustainable for the next generation but filled with like-minded people who are forward-thinking and who cooperate with one another to maintain the amazing potential of the natural world. We invite you to become part of this movement however you can. Whether that means making different choices at the grocery store, supporting your local organic farmer, or financially supporting organizations that focus on environmentally conscious practices and restoring the natural environment, any small decision you make will collectively contribute to great change.

As we move into the future, cannabis technology will continue to provide both the funding and the research to make our dreams a possibility. Our vision of cultivating cannabis on the moon is not only possible, but with your support and our forward-thinking team hard at work, it is probable! Please help us in making this dream a reality! Thank you for your consideration and support.

SOURCE Key To Life

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