Police are once again reminding citizens that they are only legally allowed to carry up to 30 grammes of marijuana on their person and cultivate up to four marijuana plants.

This latest reminder comes after an estimated $450,000 in marijuana was found and destroyed on Saturday in Flanagin Town.

The find was made around 1 pm during a police operation supervised by Snr Sup Simon, with assistance from Sup Doodhai, ASP Pierre, ASP Gibbs, Insp Rajkumar, Sgt Guerra, Cpl Coombs, PC Villafana, PC Ali, and others.

The officers received intelligence which led them to a forested area off Telemaque Road, Flanagin Town.

After walking some distance into the forest, the officers came across an open field of fully grown marijuana trees.

There were an estimated 350 trees, police said.

No arrests were made in connection with the find.


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