WASHINGTON — A couple in D.C. who wanted to create a safe and reliable cannabis delivery service in the city, but they had to get creative about keeping it legal. 

District Derp co-owner Chris said because pot can be gifted, but not sold in the District, they consulted a team of legal experts to make sure the business always operated above board. 

“When it came to navigating the law, our legal team just kind of advised us, do what you do best,” Chris said. “Make your art, sell your art, and provide the great cannabis experience that you can on the side.”

Now, their business model is equal parts of sausage meat and patience.

“Sudo is a very food driven dog,” Chris said.

District Derp

District Derp founders working with new art.


Sudo is an Alaskan Klee Kai, a breed that’s known for their smarts. District Derp co-owner Anais said it took about a month to unleash Sudo’s artistic skills.

“If you don’t give them an activity or some kind of challenge to do, they turn into little escape artists and they figure out how to destroy things,” Anais said.

The paintings are sold online with a gift of cannabis, and they can deliver the artwork with as little notice as half an hour. Anais said they saw a need in the city for safe and reliable pot.

“We just had so many bad experiences with delivery companies prior to that,” she said. “They were late, they didn’t show up, the payment was weird. The quality wasn’t where we wanted it to be.”

District Derp makes a point of supporting local master growers in an effort to end stigma. 

“We really want to end the stigma and we really want to open a space for people who have typically been excluded from cannabis,” Anais said.

Sudo’s work fetches between 5 – 300 dollars. Here’s where you can get yours:

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