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There is always I lot of discussion in which pots are best. There are so many kinds to choose from at many different price points. I’m here with two of the better pots, and to tell you the most popular pot of all, felt, is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Years ago, I did a similar video journal of 3 plants on the same strain in 3 popular pot types. The smart pot gets better results than regular pots, but you need scissors to peel the pot off the plant. The varieties of air pot have won every test I’ve done. I only use felt when I need a lot over 5 gallons for a single use.

Felt Pots:
Cons – Falls apart after 1-2 uses
Roots cling to it, making it impossible to transplant without damage to the roots.
Price is high for something with limited use. Good nursery pots cost the same
Must we watered often in the heat, a few times a day if outside.
Roots will grow through the bottom if left on top of soil
Difficult to impossible to clean and sterilize

Pros – Price, low to get started. About the same as cheap nursery pots
Air flow is good so roots don’t circle
Easy to find

Air Pots and copies:
Pros – Long lasting, decades of use
Optimal air flow and self pruning
Easy to remove for transplant
Shock free transplanting
Self pruning roots
Can be purchased by the foot, for creating giant outdoor pots
Double plant size for similar sized pots
Better air flow reduces soil born pests.
Easy spots to the plant straps and tamers

Cons –
Starting price is high
Harder to find in a store
Hard to find anything more than 4 gallons


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