In the world of growing cannabis, the difficulty is usually in the details when it comes to nurturing a marijuana plant from the moment one receives a seed to the day it bears consumable Buds/leaves.

Although growing plants and having a green thumb in itself is a fairly difficult process, the nuance-filled nature of canna-cultivation only makes the experience more complicated than anyone can ever imagine. From preventing excessive amounts of sunlight to achieving optimal growing conditions with humidity and temperature requirements, the detail-packed nature of raising a marijuana plant is filled with surprises.

Among all the different concerns that anyone looking to grow cannabis needs to take into mind, however, there’s one question that many budding cultivators find themselves asking: “What are the optimum pH levels for growing cannabis plants?”

Do pH levels matter?

The concept of pH levels is commonly not unfamiliar for many people, yet they might never associate it with growing marijuana.

From feminine wash products and cooking to optimal water drinking and public water safety. The number of ways that the scale of acidity and basicity shows up is immeasurable. However, most people don’t know about the pH scale because it is also heavily integrated into the world of growing cannabis because of how greatly it affects the process!

An introduction to the concept

Before taking the time to understand how pH levels affect the success (or absence thereof) of growing a marijuana plant, it is paramount to first understand what the term in question means.

To put simply, the potential of Hydrogen is one that pertains to the relevant measurement of free radical hydrogen ions in various substances. From the human body to the water you drink and the food you eat, the process of how easy or difficult it is for specific molecules to release hydrogen ions heavily affects many chemical processes across all lifeforms – cannabis plants included.

How the potential of Hydrogen affects your canna-cultivation

When it comes to understanding how Hydrogen interacts with your efforts to grow a lively marijuana plant, a truth that you must know is that it mainly surrounds the potential of defects or growth inabilities. Although an off-balance of a fraction on the pH scale when you grow your plants won’t necessarily kill it, certain problems along the way can cause improper absorptions that will mess up the growing process itself.

The main way this concept interacts with your plants’ health is that cannabis plants can only uptake nutrients optimally within specific pH levels. This essentially means that approaching the process without regard for the balance of acidity and basicity will lead to problems because falling short of optimal pH levels will prevent your plants from absorbing key nutrients.

What are the optimal levels for growth?

In terms of optimal levels, it’s best to keep in mind that the money-shot figures vary depending on how you’re growing your cannabis plant.

Suppose you’re using a seed from Coffee Shop Seeds to grow your first (or second) cannabis plant.

If you’re going for a traditional method with soil, Mother Nature’s finest growth medium requires that your pH growing levels are around the six to seven range. The explanation behind this magic number and its relation to helping your crop flourish as it should is that there are pre-existing compounds in soil that may spark growing defects if you fail to consider them. By staying in the pH 6 to 7 range, however, you can account for these anomalies without risking hampered growth!

If you’re using a soilless system to grow your cannabis plants—such as aeroponics, hydroponics, or clay—then you’ll need to follow a lower pH level. Generally, a range of pH 5.5 to 6.5 is best for a soilless system because of all the additional nutrients that are typically added during the growth process.By following the recommended numbers, you can prevent any unwanted excess in the shifts of your levels for better growth!


When it comes to properly growing cannabis for the best results possible, a concept that you shouldn’t overlook is the pH level of your plant. With the help of this quick and simple guide, you can keep your growing habits on the right track and start seeing countless yields of beautiful, healthy, and high-quality flowers!

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