Cannabis is a known plant around the world for various reasons. Although it’s more popular as an organic high-inducing plant, it also has healing properties that people with chronic pain can use. Because of this, many people develop better strategies to produce their cannabis gardens instead of buying suspicious products in the street. If you’re planning to grow cannabis in your home, read on to learn about the right and smart way to go about it.

How do I grow cannabis at home?

First, you need to find a reliable supplier that ships cannabis seeds to your home. You can shop through online stores to discover a wide selection of cannabis seeds and byproducts. You can choose between cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) seeds, depending on how you plan to use them.

CBD products are receiving greater popularity as an alternative medicine for pain relief. For example, CBD oil is a popular purchase for people who want to reduce the effects of epilepsy and anxiety. Even if you don’t have chronic conditions, you can still use it in regular amounts for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

However, if you’re looking for the familiar high of marijuana products, you should purchase THC instead. THC contains the psychoactive elements of marijuana, which induces intoxication. Different strains give off varying intensities of the high, so you should find one that fits your level.

Should I grow cannabis indoors or outdoors?

Even though cannabis isn’t native in the UK, some strains prefer the predominantly wet environment. If you want to plant in your backyard, you should purchase an Indica-dominant strain. These are fit for the wetness of Northern European weather conditions.

A few ideal strains for growing outside in the UK are:

  • Passion #1 by Dutch Passion – Renowned to be one of the best green outdoor varieties worldwide. The Dutch have been growing this strain outdoors since it arrived from California in the early 80’s
  • Frisian Dew by Dutch Passion – Very resistant to mould and has a high irrigation tolerance. Can adapt to quite tough climate conditions and show’s excellent performance in the northern countries.
  • Hollands Hope by Ceres Seeds – For a long time this was the only strain grown in Holland capable of resisting the Dutch rain. Mould resistant, ideal for the northern hemisphere grows.
  • Northern Light by Royal Queen Seeds – An indica dominant hybrid, but carries a lot of sativa in its leaf structure. Easily handle the often wet and humid conditions of the UK summer.

Keep in mind that these will only grow well when planting in April/May. Any sooner and later, and you might miss your prime breeding conditions. ideally, you should germinate your seeds and plant the seedlings indoors prior to moving outdoors. Since marijuana is not native to the UK, it may be better to have an indoor setup if you’re planning to grow marijuana plants regardless of the season.

What do I need to grow cannabis indoors?

Like growing outdoor plants, you must buy different tools to help your cannabis seeds acclimate to their environment. Listed below are five tools you need to prepare to have a healthy batch of produce. However, one of the most important is your grow area. In order to control your growing environment a grow tent is recommended. This enables you to control variables like temperature, (RH) relative humidity, air circulation, ventilation, etc. Grow tents can be purchased easily online and come in all shapes and sizes. Alternatively, many growers build a grow area by sectioning off an area in their garage, spare room, basement etc. Either way, your grow area will require the following:

  1. Plant Pots: You should purchase the largest size possible to maximise the volume of your soil. Having extra root space will allow your plants to grow healthier in the long run. bear in mind the larger the pot the larger the plant. Make sure your grow area is large enough to allow the space for air flow etc.
  2. Water filters: Cannabis seeds are sensitive to the contaminants that can be in tap water. Having a filtration system can help your plants grow well without the presence of harmful substances. Also, check PH levels. ideally a PH of around 6.5 is required. Most grow shops sell PH + (up) and PH – (Down). Collecting rain water is also a great way to water your plants.
  3. Grow lights: These are necessary to replicate the effects of the sun for your growing plants. They also come in different spectrums depending on your plant’s specific needs. Lighting has the biggest impact on the size and quality of your buds. Don’t shortcut your lighting. Go for the best you can afford.
  4. Extraction fan: It can help maximise the CO2 that your crops need to grow strong and healthy. However, if your garden is inside a tent/sealed room, you should buy an A/C unit with a CO2 generator instead. Constant air flow will reduce diseases, pests and mould.
  5. Carbon filter: It’s responsible for repelling the odour of growing cannabis plants since they have a distinct scent. You must invest in one since it’s illegal to grow cannabis without a license.


Although cannabis is a prescribed drug, there are some caveats to the use and cultivation of the plant. Since it’s technically illegal to grow cannabis without a valid license, you may receive fines or even more! when caught. Ensure that you have the right permit before you grow cannabis plants, or your efforts will only go to waste.

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