How To Make Weed Vaporizer Pens, THC/CBD cannabis vape oil, and marijuana e juice at Home , Easy

Learn the best and easiest way how to make weed vape pens, marijuana vaporizer oil, cbd/thc e juice liquid and more.

This DIY vaporizer pen method involves no PG, VG, MCT or other diluants.

Fill vape cartridges with shatter, wax, hash, thc distillate, cbd oil and more.

Here you will learn how to make a weed vaporizer pen including using concentrates to make your THC or CBD marijuana vape oil, what cartridges to use, how to melt your wax down and more. This method is not for dry herb vaporizers.

This video is intended to be educational and teach adult medical marijuana patients about legal cannabis and medical marijuana.

For adults and medical patients only.


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