Hummingbird Brand Cannabis Nectar “How To Fill Your Vape Pen” Kanger Cartridges

*PLEASE NOTE* This video is intended ONLY for the Kanger cartridges! Other cartridges such as V-Stick, O-Pen and all others may have different loading instructions.

Cannabis oil extraction is a method to derive THC, cannabinoids and terpene concentrates from raw plant matter to produce a hash or oil, which delivers marijuana consumers a stronger dosage than smoking the traditional bud.

The most common methods of extraction use ice water, butane (a petroleum-based product) or CO2 (a naturally occurring inert gas).

To make hash oil using CO2, the naturally occurring gas is cooled into a liquid and pushed through a tube extracting the psychoactive and medicinal elements from the marijuana plant. The resulting product is then gently brought to room temperature, allowing the CO2 to evaporate away.

The finished CO2 hash oil appears as a honey- or molasses-like substance ready to be loaded into a rig, inserted into a vaporizer pen, or spread onto a joint.

For the purposes of this video we are showing you how to load a vape pen with the oil.

For this video we chose to use the Kanger Tech tank. There are other vape pens as well as other vape pen cartridges out on the market for use, however we’ve found that the Kanger Tech is a well built, sturdy tank that allows consumers to easily fill the cartridge and get the maximum amount of uses per gram of oil. 

Additional TIPS to make filling and using your vape pen the best experience possible! 

TIP 1 = Be 21 years or older when using Hummingbird Brand Cannabis Nectar. If you’re not at least 21, then please wait your turn, just like the rest of us had to. 

TIP 2 = While heating your CO2 hash oil in hot water, use a hair dryer on a high heat setting to heat up the metal on your tank. Warm oil hitting cold metal decreases flow, so we recommend heating the tank as well as the oil. (Warning = Do not get the tank wet. We recommend using a hair dryer as to avoid any warranty issues).

TIP 3 = Please DO NOT get oil INTO the center column of your tank. This is where the vapor flows whilst you are “hitting” your pen. Oil in the center column clogs the tube and blocks vapor and creates a less than perfect user experience. The oil should be IN the tank AROUND the center column.

TIP 4 = If you are filling your vape pen for the first time (meaning you have a new tank with no previous oil in it) allow a few minutes for the oil to seep onto the heating element (AKA the wick, the coil, etc) once you’ve filled your pen. If you’re unsure where that is, please refer to the paperwork that came with your pen/tank. 

TIP 5 = Our Hummingbird Brand CO2 Cannabis Nectar is raw, pure, uncut, undiluted, unfiltered and untempered with (meaning no additives, pesticides or residual solvents). Our extraction process uses super critical (meaning super cold/pressurized) liquid CO2 and NOTHING else. 

We do NOT “cut” our product with anything. Because we don’t “cut” our oil, the product contains all of the fats and lipids in their raw format which is why the oil is so “thick” at room temperature. Other hash oil making companies will sometimes use polyethylene glycol as a “cutting” agent for three reasons.

The first reason being that it allows for hash oil to flow more like a fluid instead of like thick honey. 

The second allows for the hash oil product to be “diluted” further to sell more units (hence the term “cutting agent”). 

The third reason is that polyethylene glycol acts as a preservative for other industrial products and has a mild toxicity level. No thanks! 

We here at Hummingbird Brand are not interested in putting preservatives OR anything toxic in our products, our bodies or our consumer’s bodies. This is why we do not using polyethylene glycol or any other cutting agent. 

Thanks again for choosing Hummingbird Brand Cannabis Nectar. Please Enjoy Responsibly.

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